Class ClientChannelInitializer

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    public abstract class ClientChannelInitializer
    extends DefaultSessionInitializer
    Creates a newly configured ChannelPipeline for a connection to a node server.
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        protected final Endpoint target
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      • ClientChannelInitializer

        protected ClientChannelInitializer​(int networkId,
                                           Identity identity,
                                           int flushBufferSize,
                                           Duration readIdleTimeout,
                                           short pingPongRetries,
                                           Endpoint target)
        Initialize a netty Channel for an outbound connection to a node server.
        networkId - the network the node belongs to
        identity - the node's identity
        flushBufferSize - The size of the flush buffer, to minimize IO overhead. A high value is good for throughput. A low value is good for latency.
        readIdleTimeout - The maximum time that an active connection can spend in idle before the client checks with a PING request whether the remote station is still alive. Note: every long value <= 0 s deactivates the idle function.
        pingPongRetries - The maximum amount that a remote station cannot reply to a PING request in succession in the interval readIdleTimeout. Min value is 1, max 32767
        target - the target URI