package client

Provides extension methods for using the a http4s org.http4s.client.Client

import org.http4s.Status._
import org.http4s.Method._
import org.http4s.EntityDecoder

def client: Client = ???

val r: Task[String] = client(GET(uri(""))).as[String]
val r2: Task[DecodeResult[String]] = client(GET(uri(""))).attemptAs[String]   // implicitly resolve the decoder
val req1 =
val req2 =  // Each invocation fetches a new Result based on the behavior of the Client
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Type Members

  1. trait Client extends AnyRef

  2. implicit final class NoBodySyntax extends AnyVal with EmptyRequestGenerator

  3. implicit final class WithBodySyntax extends AnyVal with EntityRequestGenerator

    Syntax classes to generate a request directly from a Method

Value Members

  1. package impl

  2. implicit def wHeadersDec[T](implicit decoder: EntityDecoder[T]): EntityDecoder[(Headers, T)]

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