Annotation Type ProtoReserved

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface ProtoReserved
    Injects 'reserved' statements in the generated schema of a message or enum type. The 'reserved' statement is added inside the generated message or enum definition, right at the beginning. Mixing numbers, ranges and names in a single annotation instance is allowed (for your convenience) but results in separate statements being generated for numbers and names because protobuf does not allow mixing them.

    All ProtoReserved annotations from the superclass and implemented/extended interfaces are inherited (recursively up the hierarchy) and the numbers, ranges and names are merged. No duplicates or overlaps must be found in the process or else an error will be generated. Regardless of how many annotations are found, after merging at most two 'reserved' statements will be issued, one for numbers/ranges and one for names. Their contents will be sorted ascendingly.

    This annotation is not explicitly marked Inherited but annotation processors will scan for occurrences of this annotation in all superclasses and superinterfaces (recursively).

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    See Also:
    Protocol Buffers Language Guide - Reserved Fields, Protocol Buffers Language Guide - Reserved Values
    • Element Detail

      • value

        int[] value
        Alias for numbers() (mutually exclusive).
      • numbers

        int[] numbers
        Numbers to reserve. Alias for value() (mutually exclusive).
      • names

        String[] names
        Names to be reserved.