package jjm

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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Package Members

  1. package instances
  2. package ling
  3. package metrics
  4. package syntax

Type Members

  1. type DependentDecoder[F[_], G[_]] = FunctionK[F, [A]Decoder[G[A]]]
  2. type DependentEncoder[F[_], G[_]] = FunctionK[F, [A]Encoder[G[A]]]
  3. final class DependentMap[F[_], G[_]] extends AnyRef
  4. sealed trait DependentPair[F[_], G[_]] extends Product with Serializable
  5. type Dot = Any { type Out }
  6. type DotDecoder[A <: Dot] = DotKleisli[Decoder, A]
  7. type DotEncoder[A <: Dot] = DotKleisli[Encoder, A]
  8. type DotF[A] = AnyRef { type Aux[B] = A{type Out = B} }
  9. type DotFunction[A <: Dot] = DotKleisli[Id, A]
  10. type DotFunctionK[F[_], A <: Dot] = FunctionK[[B]A { type Out = B }, F]
  11. trait DotKleisli[F[_], A <: Dot] extends AnyRef
  12. class DotKleisliGraph[F[_], A <: Dot] extends AnyRef
  13. sealed trait DotKleisliGraphInstances0 extends DotKleisliGraphInstances1
  14. sealed trait DotKleisliGraphInstances1 extends AnyRef
  15. class DotMap[F[_], A <: Dot] extends AnyRef
  16. sealed trait DotMapInstances0 extends DotMapInstances1
  17. sealed trait DotMapInstances1 extends AnyRef
  18. sealed trait DotPair[F[_], A <: Dot] extends Product with Serializable
  19. sealed trait DotUnit extends Product with Serializable
  20. sealed trait Duad[A] extends Product with Serializable

    Unordered pair.

    Unordered pair. Can be two of the same element.

  21. trait Finite[A] extends Serializable
    @implicitNotFound("Could not find an instance of Finite for ${A}")
  22. type LowerCaseString = Type
  23. sealed trait LowerCaseStringCapsule extends AnyRef
  24. class NonMergingMap[A, B] extends (A) => B

    Variant of Map that overwrites values on the left when doing Monoid combine.

    Variant of Map that overwrites values on the left when doing Monoid combine. Should eventually be replaced with a proper newtype.

  25. sealed trait OrWrapped[F[_], A] extends AnyRef
  26. case class SetUnionFind[A](sets: Set[Set[A]]) extends Product with Serializable

    Basic, inefficient immutable union-find based on sets.

    Basic, inefficient immutable union-find based on sets. Invariant: all sets are disjoint. TODO: write a custom json codec that enforces this?

  27. class TarjanUnionFind[A] extends AnyRef

    Efficient mutable union-find data structure using union-by-rank and path compression.

  28. class TotalDotMap[F[_], A <: Dot] extends AnyRef
  29. sealed trait TotalDotMapInstances0 extends TotalDotMapInstances1
  30. sealed trait TotalDotMapInstances1 extends AnyRef
  31. class Vocab[A] extends AnyRef

    Bidirectional index.

Value Members

  1. val DotUnit: DotUnit
  2. val LowerCaseString: LowerCaseStringCapsule
  3. object DependentMap extends DependentMapInstances
  4. object DependentPair extends Serializable
  5. object DotKleisli
  6. object DotKleisliGraph extends DotKleisliGraphInstances
  7. object DotMap extends DotMapInstances
  8. object DotPair extends Serializable
  9. object Duad extends Serializable
  10. object Finite extends Serializable
  11. object LowerCaseStringImpl extends LowerCaseStringCapsule
  12. object Memo
  13. object NonMergingMap
  14. object OrWrapped
  15. object SetUnionFind extends Serializable
  16. object TarjanUnionFind
  17. object TotalDotMap extends TotalDotMapInstances
  18. object Vocab
  19. object implicits extends AllSyntax with AllInstances

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