Class OmniViewHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • OmniViewHandler

        public OmniViewHandler​(ViewHandler wrapped)
        Construct a new OmniFaces view handler around the given wrapped view handler.
        wrapped - The wrapped view handler.
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      • restoreView

        public UIViewRoot restoreView​(FacesContext context,
                                      String viewId)
        If the current request is an unload request from ViewScoped, then create a dummy view, restore only the view root state and then immediately explicitly destroy the view, else restore the view as usual. If the <o:enableRestoreView> is used once in the application, and the restored view is null and the current request is a postback, then recreate and rebuild the view from scratch. If it indeed contains the <o:enableRestoreView>, then return the newly created view, else return null.
        restoreView in class ViewHandlerWrapper