package reflect

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Type Members

  1. trait Args extends AnyRef

    Args trait can be mixed into an object to provide an argument-based main method.

    Args trait can be mixed into an object to provide an argument-based main method. Simply mix in this trait and define a main method with named arguments and default values to allow instantiation to occur dynamically.

    For example: def main(name: String, count: Int = 5) = { }

    May be invoked via the following command-line invocation: ArgsClass --name "John Doe" --count 25

    Excluding arg names will place them at the first undefined position without a default value. If required values are excluded the method will be run with type defaults (null for refs).

  2. case class CaseValue(name: String, valueType: EnhancedClass, parentClass: EnhancedClass) extends Product with Serializable

    CaseValue represents a value on a case class.

  3. class EnhancedClass extends AnyRef

    Wraps a Class to provide more powerful functionality.

  4. class EnhancedConstructor extends AnyRef

    EnhancedConstructor wraps a java.lang.reflect.Constructor to provide more functionality and easier access.

  5. class EnhancedField extends AnyRef

    EnhancedField wraps a java.lang.reflect.Field to provide more functionality and easier access.

  6. class EnhancedMethod extends AnyRef

    EnhancedMethod wraps a java.lang.reflect.Method to provide more functionality and easier access.

  7. trait FromString[T] extends AnyRef

  8. class MethodArgument extends AnyRef

    MethodArgument represents an argument required to invoke a method.

  9. case class MissingArgumentException(argument: String, message: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Args

  2. object CaseValue extends Serializable

  3. object EnhancedClass

  4. object EnhancedMethod

  5. object FromString

  6. implicit def class2EnhancedClass(c: Class[_]): EnhancedClass

  7. package doc

  8. implicit def f0ToEM(f: Function0[_]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  9. implicit def f1ToEM(f: Function1[_, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  10. implicit def f2ToEM(f: Function2[_, _, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  11. implicit def f3ToEM(f: Function3[_, _, _, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  12. implicit def f4ToEM(f: Function4[_, _, _, _, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  13. implicit def f5ToEM(f: Function5[_, _, _, _, _, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  14. implicit def f6ToEM(f: Function6[_, _, _, _, _, _, _]): Option[EnhancedMethod]

  15. def method(absoluteSignature: String): Option[EnhancedMethod]

    Finds a method based on the absolute signature including class.

  16. implicit def method2EnhancedMethod(m: Method): EnhancedMethod

  17. def register(c: Class[_], ec: EnhancedClass): EnhancedClass

  18. package uml

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