Class EvictionScheduler

  • public class EvictionScheduler
    extends Object
    Eviction scheduler. Deletes expired entries in time interval between 5 seconds to 2 hours. It analyzes deleted amount of expired keys and 'tune' next execution delay depending on it.
    Nikita Koksharov
    • Method Detail

      • scheduleCleanMultimap

        public void scheduleCleanMultimap​(String name,
                                          String timeoutSetName)
      • scheduleJCache

        public void scheduleJCache​(String name,
                                   String timeoutSetName,
                                   String expiredChannelName)
      • schedule

        public void schedule​(String name,
                             long shiftInMilliseconds)
      • schedule

        public void schedule​(String name,
                             String timeoutSetName,
                             String maxIdleSetName,
                             String expiredChannelName,
                             String lastAccessTimeSetName)
      • remove

        public void remove​(String name)