Interface CriteriaNode

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        org.refcodes.mixin.NameAccessor.NameBuilder<B extends org.refcodes.mixin.NameAccessor.NameBuilder<B>>, org.refcodes.mixin.NameAccessor.NameMutator, org.refcodes.mixin.NameAccessor.NameProperty
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      • addChild

        void addChild​(Criteria aChild)
               throws java.lang.IllegalStateException,
        Adds a child Criteria to the CriteriaNode. In case a specialized CriteriaNode applies constraints on the number or type of Criteria which may be added, an according exception may be thrown. For example the SingleCriteriaNode applies constraints on this method.
        aChild - The child Criteria to be added.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - In case constraints in terms of state are violated, implementation depended.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - In case constraints in terms of argument are violated, implementation depended.