package beans

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  1. class BeanDescription extends Annotation

    Provides a short description that will be included when generating bean information.

  2. class BeanDisplayName extends Annotation

    Provides a display name when generating bean information.

  3. class BeanInfo extends Annotation

    This annotation indicates that a JavaBean-compliant BeanInfo class should be generated for this annotated Scala class.

  4. class BeanInfoSkip extends Annotation

    This annotation indicates that bean information should not be generated for the val, var, or def that it is attached to.

  5. class BeanProperty extends Annotation with StaticAnnotation

    When attached to a field, this annotation adds a setter and a getter method following the Java Bean convention.

  6. class BooleanBeanProperty extends Annotation with StaticAnnotation

    This annotation has the same functionality as scala.beans.BeanProperty, but the generated Bean getter will be named isFieldName instead of getFieldName.

  7. abstract class ScalaBeanInfo extends SimpleBeanInfo

    Provides some simple runtime processing necessary to create JavaBean descriptors for Scala entities.

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