package actors

A library that provides both asynchronous and synchronous messaging to allow for concurrent programming without explicit synchronization.


A detailed guide for the actors library is available

Getting Started

A starting point for using the actors library would be scala.actors.Reactor, scala.actors.ReplyReactor, or scala.actors.Actor or their companion objects.

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Type Members

  1. case class ![a](ch: Channel[a], msg: a) extends Product with Serializable

    Used to pattern match on values that were sent to some channel Chann by the current actor self.

  2. trait AbstractActor extends OutputChannel[Any] with CanReply[Any, Any]

  3. trait Actor extends InternalActor with ReplyReactor

    Provides lightweight, concurrent actors.

  4. class AskTimeoutException extends TimeoutException

    This is what is used to complete a Future that is returned from an ask/? call, when it times out.

  5. trait CanReply[-T, +R] extends AnyRef

    Defines result-bearing message send operations.

  6. class Channel[Msg] extends InputChannel[Msg] with OutputChannel[Msg] with CanReply[Msg, Any]

    Provides a means for typed communication among actors.

  7. trait DaemonActor extends Actor

    Base trait for actors with daemon semantics.

  8. case class Exit(from: AbstractActor, reason: AnyRef) extends Product with Serializable

    Sent to an actor with trapExit set to true whenever one of its linked actors terminates.

  9. abstract class Future[+T] extends Responder[T] with () ⇒ T

    A function of arity 0, returing a value of type T that, when applied, blocks the current actor (Actor.self) until the future's value is available.

  10. trait IScheduler extends AnyRef

    A common interface for all schedulers used to execute actor tasks.

  11. trait InputChannel[+Msg] extends AnyRef

    A common interface for all channels from which values can be received.

  12. trait InternalReplyReactor extends Reactor[Any] with ReactorCanReply

    Extends the scala.actors.Reactor trait with methods to reply to the sender of a message.

  13. trait OutputChannel[-Msg] extends AnyRef

    A common interface for all channels to which values can be sent.

  14. trait Reactor[Msg >: Null] extends OutputChannel[Msg] with Combinators

    Super trait of all actor traits.

  15. trait SchedulerAdapter extends IScheduler

    Adapts the behavior of the standard scala.actors.Scheduler object.

  16. case class UncaughtException(actor: InternalActor, message: Option[Any], sender: Option[OutputChannel[Any]], thread: Thread, cause: Throwable) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

    The exit reason when an actor fails to catch an exception.

  17. trait ActorRef extends AnyRef

    Trait used for migration of Scala actors to Akka.

  18. trait ReplyReactor extends InternalReplyReactor


    (Since version 2.10) Scala Actors are being removed from the standard library. Please refer to the migration guide.

Value Members

  1. object Actor extends Combinators with Serializable

    Provides functions for the definition of actors, as well as actor operations, such as receive, react, reply, etc.

  2. object Debug extends Logger

    Provides methods for generating debugging output.

  3. object Futures

    Methods that operate on futures.

  4. object PoisonPill

  5. object Scheduler extends DelegatingScheduler

    Used by scala.actors.Actor instances to execute tasks of an actor execution.

  6. object TIMEOUT extends Product with Serializable

    Used as the timeout pattern in receiveWithin and reactWithin.

  7. package remote

  8. package scheduler

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