package parallel

Package object for parallel collections.

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Type Members

  1. trait AdaptiveWorkStealingForkJoinTasks extends ForkJoinTasks with AdaptiveWorkStealingTasks

  2. trait AdaptiveWorkStealingTasks extends Tasks

    This trait implements scheduling by employing an adaptive work stealing technique.

  3. trait AdaptiveWorkStealingThreadPoolTasks extends ThreadPoolTasks with AdaptiveWorkStealingTasks

  4. trait Combiner[-Elem, +To] extends Builder[Elem, To] with Sizing with Parallel

    The base trait for all combiners.

  5. trait CombinerFactory[U, Repr] extends AnyRef

  6. final case class CompositeThrowable(throwables: Set[Throwable]) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

    Composite throwable - thrown when multiple exceptions are thrown at the same time.

  7. class ExecutionContextTaskSupport extends TaskSupport with ExecutionContextTasks

    A task support that uses an execution context to schedule tasks.

  8. trait ExecutionContextTasks extends Tasks

  9. trait FactoryOps[From, Elem, To] extends AnyRef

  10. class ForkJoinTaskSupport extends TaskSupport with AdaptiveWorkStealingForkJoinTasks

    A task support that uses a fork join pool to schedule tasks.

  11. trait ForkJoinTasks extends Tasks with HavingForkJoinPool

    An implementation trait for parallel tasks based on the fork/join framework.

  12. trait HavingForkJoinPool extends AnyRef

    A trait describing objects that provide a fork/join pool.

  13. trait IterableSplitter[+T] extends AugmentedIterableIterator[T] with Splitter[T] with Signalling with DelegatedSignalling

    Parallel iterators allow splitting and provide a remaining method to obtain the number of elements remaining in the iterator.

  14. trait ParIterable[+T] extends GenIterable[T] with GenericParTemplate[T, ParIterable] with ParIterableLike[T, ParIterable[T], scala.Iterable[T]]

    A template trait for parallel iterable collections.

  15. trait ParIterableLike[+T, +Repr <: ParIterable[T], +Sequential <: scala.Iterable[T] with IterableLike[T, Sequential]] extends GenIterableLike[T, Repr] with CustomParallelizable[T, Repr] with Parallel with HasNewCombiner[T, Repr]

    A template trait for parallel collections of type ParIterable[T].

  16. trait ParIterableView[+T, +Coll <: Parallel, +CollSeq] extends ParIterableViewLike[T, Coll, CollSeq, ParIterableView[T, Coll, CollSeq], IterableView[T, CollSeq]] with GenIterableView[T, Coll]

    A template view of a non-strict view of a parallel iterable collection.

  17. trait ParIterableViewLike[+T, +Coll <: Parallel, +CollSeq, +This <: ParIterableView[T, Coll, CollSeq] with ParIterableViewLike[T, Coll, CollSeq, This, ThisSeq], +ThisSeq <: IterableView[T, CollSeq] with IterableViewLike[T, CollSeq, ThisSeq]] extends GenIterableView[T, Coll] with GenIterableViewLike[T, Coll, This] with ParIterable[T] with ParIterableLike[T, This, ThisSeq]

    A template view of a non-strict view of parallel iterable collection.

  18. trait ParMap[K, +V] extends GenMap[K, V] with GenericParMapTemplate[K, V, ParMap] with ParIterable[(K, V)] with ParMapLike[K, V, ParMap[K, V], Map[K, V]]

    A template trait for parallel maps.

  19. trait ParMapLike[K, +V, +Repr <: ParMapLike[K, V, Repr, Sequential] with ParMap[K, V], +Sequential <: Map[K, V] with MapLike[K, V, Sequential]] extends GenMapLike[K, V, Repr] with ParIterableLike[(K, V), Repr, Sequential]

    A template trait for mutable parallel maps.

  20. trait ParSeq[+T] extends GenSeq[T] with ParIterable[T] with GenericParTemplate[T, ParSeq] with ParSeqLike[T, ParSeq[T], scala.Seq[T]]

    A template trait for parallel sequences.

  21. trait ParSeqLike[+T, +Repr <: ParSeq[T], +Sequential <: scala.Seq[T] with SeqLike[T, Sequential]] extends GenSeqLike[T, Repr] with ParIterableLike[T, Repr, Sequential]

    A template trait for sequences of type ParSeq[T], representing parallel sequences with element type T.

  22. trait ParSeqView[+T, +Coll <: Parallel, +CollSeq] extends ParSeqViewLike[T, Coll, CollSeq, ParSeqView[T, Coll, CollSeq], SeqView[T, CollSeq]]

    A template view of a non-strict view of a parallel sequence.

  23. trait ParSeqViewLike[+T, +Coll <: Parallel, +CollSeq, +This <: ParSeqView[T, Coll, CollSeq] with ParSeqViewLike[T, Coll, CollSeq, This, ThisSeq], +ThisSeq <: SeqView[T, CollSeq] with SeqViewLike[T, CollSeq, ThisSeq]] extends GenSeqView[T, Coll] with GenSeqViewLike[T, Coll, This] with ParIterableView[T, Coll, CollSeq] with ParIterableViewLike[T, Coll, CollSeq, This, ThisSeq] with ParSeq[T] with ParSeqLike[T, This, ThisSeq]

    A template view of a non-strict view of parallel sequence.

  24. trait ParSet[T] extends GenSet[T] with GenericParTemplate[T, ParSet] with ParIterable[T] with ParSetLike[T, ParSet[T], Set[T]]

    A template trait for parallel sets.

  25. trait ParSetLike[T, +Repr <: ParSetLike[T, Repr, Sequential] with ParSet[T], +Sequential <: Set[T] with SetLike[T, Sequential]] extends GenSetLike[T, Repr] with ParIterableLike[T, Repr, Sequential]

    A template trait for parallel sets.

  26. trait PreciseSplitter[+T] extends Splitter[T]

    A precise splitter (or a precise split iterator) can be split into arbitrary number of splitters that traverse disjoint subsets of arbitrary sizes.

  27. trait SeqSplitter[+T] extends IterableSplitter[T] with AugmentedSeqIterator[T] with PreciseSplitter[T]

    Parallel sequence iterators allow splitting into arbitrary subsets.

  28. trait Splitter[+T] extends Iterator[T]

    A splitter (or a split iterator) can be split into more splitters that traverse over disjoint subsets of elements.

  29. trait Task[R, +Tp] extends AnyRef

  30. trait TaskSupport extends Tasks

    A trait implementing the scheduling of a parallel collection operation.

  31. trait Tasks extends AnyRef

    A trait that declares task execution capabilities used by parallel collections.

  32. class ThreadPoolTaskSupport extends TaskSupport with AdaptiveWorkStealingThreadPoolTasks

    A task support that uses a thread pool executor to schedule tasks.

  33. trait ThreadPoolTasks extends Tasks

    An implementation of tasks objects based on the Java thread pooling API.

  34. trait ThrowableOps extends AnyRef

  35. trait TraversableOps[T] extends AnyRef

  36. trait FutureThreadPoolTasks extends Tasks

    An implementation of tasks objects based on the Java thread pooling API and synchronization using futures.

Value Members

  1. val CHECK_RATE: Int

  2. object ForkJoinTasks

  3. object FutureThreadPoolTasks

  4. val MIN_FOR_COPY: Int

  5. object ParIterable extends ParFactory[ParIterable]

    This object provides a set of operations to create ParIterable values.

  6. object ParIterableView

  7. object ParMap extends ParMapFactory[ParMap]

  8. object ParSeq extends ParFactory[ParSeq]

  9. object ParSeqView

  10. object ParSet extends ParSetFactory[ParSet]

  11. val SQRT2: Double

  12. object Splitter

  13. object ThreadPoolTasks

  14. val availableProcessors: Int

  15. val defaultTaskSupport: TaskSupport

  16. implicit def factory2ops[From, Elem, To](bf: CanBuildFrom[From, Elem, To]): FactoryOps[From, Elem, To]

  17. package immutable

  18. package mutable

  19. def setTaskSupport[Coll](c: Coll, t: TaskSupport): Coll

  20. def thresholdFromSize(sz: Int, parallelismLevel: Int): Int

    Computes threshold from the size of the collection and the parallelism level.

  21. implicit def throwable2ops(self: Throwable): ThrowableOps

  22. implicit def traversable2ops[T](t: GenTraversableOnce[T]): TraversableOps[T]

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