package duration

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Type Members

  1. case class Deadline extends Ordered[Deadline] with Product with Serializable

    This class stores a deadline, as obtained via or the duration DSL:

  2. implicit final class DoubleMult extends AnyVal

  3. sealed abstract class Duration extends Serializable with Ordered[Duration]

    This class is not meant as a general purpose representation of time, it is optimized for the needs of scala.concurrent.

  4. trait DurationConversions extends Any

  5. implicit final class DurationDouble extends AnyVal with DurationConversions

  6. implicit final class DurationInt extends AnyVal with DurationConversions

  7. implicit final class DurationLong extends AnyVal with DurationConversions

  8. final class FiniteDuration extends Duration

    This class represents a finite duration.

  9. implicit final class IntMult extends AnyVal

  10. implicit final class LongMult extends AnyVal

  11. type TimeUnit = java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit

Value Members

  1. final val DAYS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(DAYS)

  2. object Deadline extends Serializable

  3. object Duration extends Serializable

  4. object DurationConversions

    This object just holds some cogs which make the DSL machine work, not for direct consumption.

  5. object FiniteDuration extends Serializable

  6. final val HOURS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(HOURS)

  7. final val MICROSECONDS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(MICROSECONDS)

  8. final val MILLISECONDS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(MILLISECONDS)

  9. final val MINUTES: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(MINUTES)

  10. final val NANOSECONDS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(NANOSECONDS)

  11. final val SECONDS: java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit(SECONDS)

  12. implicit def durationToPair(d: Duration): (Long, TimeUnit)

  13. object fromNow

    This object can be used as closing token for declaring a deadline at some future point in time:

  14. implicit def pairIntToDuration(p: (Int, TimeUnit)): Duration

  15. implicit def pairLongToDuration(p: (Long, TimeUnit)): FiniteDuration

  16. object span

    This object can be used as closing token if you prefer dot-less style but do not want to enable language.

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