package hashing

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Type Members

  1. final class ByteswapHashing[T] extends Hashing[T]

    A fast multiplicative hash by Phil Bagwell.

  2. trait Hashing[T] extends Serializable

    Hashing is a trait whose instances each represent a strategy for hashing instances of a type.

Value Members

  1. object ByteswapHashing extends Serializable

  2. object Hashing extends Serializable

  3. object MurmurHash3 extends MurmurHash3

    An implementation of Austin Appleby's MurmurHash 3 algorithm (MurmurHash3_x86_32).

  4. def byteswap32(v: Int): Int

    Fast multiplicative hash with a nice distribution.

  5. def byteswap64(v: Long): Long

    Fast multiplicative hash with a nice distribution for 64-bit values.

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