trait Publisher[Evt] extends AnyRef

Publisher[A,This] objects publish events of type A to all registered subscribers. When subscribing, a subscriber may specify a filter which can be used to constrain the number of events sent to the subscriber. Subscribers may suspend their subscription, or reactivate a suspended subscription. Class Publisher is typically used as a mixin. The abstract type Pub models the type of the publisher itself.

known subclasses: ObservableSet, ObservableBuffer, ObservableMap


  1. AnyRef
  2. Any

Type Members

  1. type Filter = (Evt) ⇒ Boolean

  2. type Pub <: Publisher[Evt]

  3. type Sub = Subscriber[Evt, Pub]

Value Members

  1. def activateSubscription(sub: Subscriber[Evt, Pub]): Unit

  2. def equals(obj: Any): Boolean

    Checks if two publishers are structurally identical

    Checks if two publishers are structurally identical.

  3. def hashCode(): Int

    Returns a hash code value for the object

    Returns a hash code value for the object.

    The default hashing algorithm is platform dependent.

    Note that it is allowed for two objects to have identical hash codes (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)) yet not be equal (o1.equals(o2) returns false). A degenerate implementation could always return 0. However, it is required that if two objects are equal (o1.equals(o2) returns true) that they have identical hash codes (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)). Therefore, when overriding this method, be sure to verify that the behavior is consistent with the equals method.

    definition classes: AnyRef ⇐ Any
  4. def removeSubscription(sub: Subscriber[Evt, Pub]): Unit

  5. def removeSubscriptions(): Unit

  6. def subscribe(sub: Subscriber[Evt, Pub], filter: (Evt) ⇒ Boolean): Unit

  7. def subscribe(sub: Subscriber[Evt, Pub]): Unit

  8. def suspendSubscription(sub: Subscriber[Evt, Pub]): Unit

  9. def toString(): String

    Returns a string representation of the object

    Returns a string representation of the object.

    The default representation is platform dependent.

    definition classes: AnyRef ⇐ Any