package actors

Type Members

  1. class ![a](ch: Channel[a], msg: a) extends Product

    This class is used to pattern match on values that were sent to some channel Chann by the current actor self

  2. trait AbstractActor extends OutputChannel[Any] with Replyable[Any, Any]

    The AbstractActor trait

  3. trait AbstractReactor[-T] extends AnyRef

    The AbstractReactor trait

  4. trait Actor extends AbstractActor with ReplyReactor with ReplyableActor

    This class provides an implementation of event-based actors

  5. trait ActorGC extends TerminationMonitor

    ActorGC keeps track of the number of live actors being managed by a a scheduler so that it can shutdown when all of the actors it manages have either been explicitly terminated or garbage collected

  6. class Channel[Msg] extends InputChannel[Msg] with OutputChannel[Msg]

    This class provides a means for typed communication among actors

  7. trait DaemonActor extends Actor

    Base trait for actors with daemon semantics

  8. class Debug extends AnyRef

  9. class Exit(from: AbstractActor, reason: AnyRef) extends Product

  10. type FJTaskScheduler2 = ForkJoinScheduler

  11. class Future[+T] extends Responder[T] with () ⇒ T

    A Future[T] is a function of arity 0 that returns a value of type T

  12. trait IScheduler extends AnyRef

    The IScheduler trait provides a common interface for all schedulers used to execute actor tasks

  13. trait InputChannel[+Msg] extends AnyRef

    The InputChannel trait provides a common interface for all channels from which values can be received

  14. class MessageQueue extends MQueue

    The class MessageQueue provides an efficient implementation of a message queue specialized for this actor library

  15. class MessageQueueElement extends MQueueElement

    This class is used by our efficient message queue implementation

  16. trait OutputChannel[-Msg] extends AbstractReactor[Msg]

    The OutputChannel trait provides a common interface for all channels to which values can be sent

  17. class Reaction extends ActorTask

    The abstract class Reaction associates an instance of an Actor with a java

  18. trait Reactor extends OutputChannel[Any]

    The Reactor trait provides lightweight actors

  19. trait ReplyReactor extends Reactor with ReplyableReactor

    The ReplyReactor trait extends the Reactor trait with methods to reply to the sender of a message

  20. trait Replyable[-T, +R] extends AnyRef

    The Replyable trait defines result-bearing message send operations on replyable actors

  21. trait SchedulerAdapter extends IScheduler

    The SchedulerAdapter trait is used to adapt the behavior of the standard Scheduler object

  22. type TickedScheduler = ForkJoinScheduler

  23. type WorkerThread = Thread

  24. type WorkerThreadScheduler = ForkJoinScheduler

Value Members

  1. object Actor extends AnyRef

    The Actor object provides functions for the definition of actors, as well as actor operations, such as receive, react, reply, etc

  2. val ActorGC: ThreadPoolScheduler

  3. object Debug extends AnyRef

  4. object Futures extends AnyRef

    The Futures object contains methods that operate on futures

  5. object MessageQueueTracer extends AnyRef

  6. object Scheduler extends DelegatingScheduler

    The Scheduler object is used by Actor to execute tasks of an actor execution

  7. object TIMEOUT extends Product

    This object is used as the timeout pattern in

    package remote

  8. package scheduler