class SimpleApplet extends Applet


  1. Applet
  2. JApplet
  3. RootPaneContainer
  4. Applet
  5. Panel
  6. Accessible
  7. Container
  8. Component
  9. Serializable
  10. MenuContainer
  11. ImageObserver
  12. AnyRef
  13. Any

Type Members

  1. class UI extends RootPanel

Value Members

  1. def action(arg0: Event, arg1: Any): Boolean

  2. def add(arg0: Component, arg1: Any, arg2: Int): Unit

  3. def add(arg0: Component, arg1: Any): Unit

  4. def add(arg0: Component, arg1: Int): Component

  5. def add(arg0: String, arg1: Component): Component

  6. def add(arg0: Component): Component

  7. def add(arg0: PopupMenu): Unit

  8. def addComponentListener(arg0: ComponentListener): Unit

  9. def addContainerListener(arg0: ContainerListener): Unit

  10. def addFocusListener(arg0: FocusListener): Unit

  11. def addHierarchyBoundsListener(arg0: HierarchyBoundsListener): Unit

  12. def addHierarchyListener(arg0: HierarchyListener): Unit

  13. def addInputMethodListener(arg0: InputMethodListener): Unit

  14. def addKeyListener(arg0: KeyListener): Unit

  15. def addMouseListener(arg0: MouseListener): Unit

  16. def addMouseMotionListener(arg0: MouseMotionListener): Unit

  17. def addMouseWheelListener(arg0: MouseWheelListener): Unit

  18. def addNotify(): Unit

  19. def addPropertyChangeListener(arg0: String, arg1: PropertyChangeListener): Unit

  20. def addPropertyChangeListener(arg0: PropertyChangeListener): Unit

  21. def applyComponentOrientation(arg0: ComponentOrientation): Unit

  22. def areFocusTraversalKeysSet(arg0: Int): Boolean

  23. def bounds(): Rectangle

  24. def checkImage(arg0: Image, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: ImageObserver): Int

  25. def checkImage(arg0: Image, arg1: ImageObserver): Int

  26. def contains(arg0: Point): Boolean

  27. def contains(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Boolean

  28. def countComponents(): Int

  29. def createImage(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Image

  30. def createImage(arg0: ImageProducer): Image

  31. def createVolatileImage(arg0: Int, arg1: Int, arg2: ImageCapabilities): VolatileImage

  32. def createVolatileImage(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): VolatileImage

  33. def deliverEvent(arg0: Event): Unit

  34. def destroy(): Unit

  35. def disable(): Unit

  36. def doLayout(): Unit

  37. def enable(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  38. def enable(): Unit

  39. def enableInputMethods(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  40. def equals(arg0: Any): Boolean

    This method is used to compare the receiver object (this) with the argument object (arg0) for equivalence

    This method is used to compare the receiver object (this) with the argument object (arg0) for equivalence.

    The default implementations of this method is an equivalence relation:

    • It is reflexive: for any instance x of type Any, x.equals(x) should return true.
    • It is symmetric: for any instances x and y of type Any, x.equals(y) should return true if and only if y.equals(x) returns true.
    • It is transitive: for any instances x, y, and z of type AnyRef if x.equals(y) returns true and y.equals(z) returns true, then x.equals(z) should return true.

    If you override this method, you should verify that your implementation remains an equivalence relation. Additionally, when overriding this method it is often necessary to override hashCode to ensure that objects that are "equal" (o1.equals(o2) returns true) hash to the same Int (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)).


    the object to compare against this object for equality.


    true if the receiver object is equivalent to the argument; false otherwise.

    definition classes: AnyRef ⇐ Any
  41. def findComponentAt(arg0: Point): Component

  42. def findComponentAt(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Component

  43. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Double, arg2: Double): Unit

  44. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Float, arg2: Float): Unit

  45. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Long, arg2: Long): Unit

  46. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Short, arg2: Short): Unit

  47. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Char, arg2: Char): Unit

  48. def firePropertyChange(arg0: String, arg1: Byte, arg2: Byte): Unit

  49. def getAccessibleContext(): AccessibleContext

  50. def getAlignmentX(): Float

  51. def getAlignmentY(): Float

  52. def getAppletContext(): AppletContext

  53. def getAppletInfo(): String

  54. def getAudioClip(arg0: URL, arg1: String): AudioClip

  55. def getAudioClip(arg0: URL): AudioClip

  56. def getBackground(): Color

  57. def getBounds(arg0: Rectangle): Rectangle

  58. def getBounds(): Rectangle

  59. def getCodeBase(): URL

  60. def getColorModel(): ColorModel

  61. def getComponent(arg0: Int): Component

  62. def getComponentAt(arg0: Point): Component

  63. def getComponentAt(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Component

  64. def getComponentCount(): Int

  65. def getComponentListeners(): Array[ComponentListener]

  66. def getComponentOrientation(): ComponentOrientation

  67. def getComponents(): Array[Component]

  68. def getContainerListeners(): Array[ContainerListener]

  69. def getContentPane(): Container

  70. def getCursor(): Cursor

  71. def getDocumentBase(): URL

  72. def getDropTarget(): DropTarget

  73. def getFocusCycleRootAncestor(): Container

  74. def getFocusListeners(): Array[FocusListener]

  75. def getFocusTraversalKeys(arg0: Int): Set[AWTKeyStroke]

  76. def getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled(): Boolean

  77. def getFocusTraversalPolicy(): FocusTraversalPolicy

  78. def getFont(): Font

  79. def getFontMetrics(arg0: Font): FontMetrics

  80. def getForeground(): Color

  81. def getGlassPane(): Component

  82. def getGraphics(): Graphics

  83. def getGraphicsConfiguration(): GraphicsConfiguration

  84. def getHeight(): Int

  85. def getHierarchyBoundsListeners(): Array[HierarchyBoundsListener]

  86. def getHierarchyListeners(): Array[HierarchyListener]

  87. def getIgnoreRepaint(): Boolean

  88. def getImage(arg0: URL, arg1: String): Image

  89. def getImage(arg0: URL): Image

  90. def getInputContext(): InputContext

  91. def getInputMethodListeners(): Array[InputMethodListener]

  92. def getInputMethodRequests(): InputMethodRequests

  93. def getInsets(): Insets

  94. def getJMenuBar(): JMenuBar

  95. def getKeyListeners(): Array[KeyListener]

  96. def getLayeredPane(): JLayeredPane

  97. def getLayout(): LayoutManager

  98. def getListeners[T <: EventListener](arg0: Class[T]): Array[T]

  99. def getLocale(): Locale

  100. def getLocation(arg0: Point): Point

  101. def getLocation(): Point

  102. def getLocationOnScreen(): Point

  103. def getMaximumSize(): Dimension

  104. def getMinimumSize(): Dimension

  105. def getMouseListeners(): Array[MouseListener]

  106. def getMouseMotionListeners(): Array[MouseMotionListener]

  107. def getMousePosition(arg0: Boolean): Point

  108. def getMousePosition(): Point

  109. def getMouseWheelListeners(): Array[MouseWheelListener]

  110. def getName(): String

  111. def getParameter(arg0: String): String

  112. def getParameterInfo(): Array[Array[String]]

  113. def getParent(): Container

  114. def getPeer(): ComponentPeer

  115. def getPreferredSize(): Dimension

  116. def getPropertyChangeListeners(arg0: String): Array[PropertyChangeListener]

  117. def getPropertyChangeListeners(): Array[PropertyChangeListener]

  118. def getRootPane(): JRootPane

  119. def getSize(arg0: Dimension): Dimension

  120. def getSize(): Dimension

  121. def getToolkit(): Toolkit

  122. def getWidth(): Int

  123. def getX(): Int

  124. def getY(): Int

  125. def gotFocus(arg0: Event, arg1: Any): Boolean

  126. def handleEvent(arg0: Event): Boolean

  127. def hasFocus(): Boolean

  128. def hashCode(): Int

    Returns a hash code value for the object

    Returns a hash code value for the object.

    The default hashing algorithm is platform dependent.

    Note that it is allowed for two objects to have identical hash codes (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)) yet not be equal (o1.equals(o2) returns false). A degenerate implementation could always return 0. However, it is required that if two objects are equal (o1.equals(o2) returns true) that they have identical hash codes (o1.hashCode.equals(o2.hashCode)). Therefore, when overriding this method, be sure to verify that the behavior is consistent with the equals method.

    definition classes: AnyRef ⇐ Any
  129. def hide(): Unit

  130. def imageUpdate(arg0: Image, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: Int, arg4: Int, arg5: Int): Boolean

  131. def init(): Unit

  132. def insets(): Insets

  133. def inside(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Boolean

  134. def invalidate(): Unit

  135. def isActive(): Boolean

  136. def isAncestorOf(arg0: Component): Boolean

  137. def isBackgroundSet(): Boolean

  138. def isCursorSet(): Boolean

  139. def isDisplayable(): Boolean

  140. def isDoubleBuffered(): Boolean

  141. def isEnabled(): Boolean

  142. def isFocusCycleRoot(): Boolean

  143. def isFocusCycleRoot(arg0: Container): Boolean

  144. def isFocusOwner(): Boolean

  145. def isFocusTraversable(): Boolean

  146. def isFocusTraversalPolicySet(): Boolean

  147. def isFocusable(): Boolean

  148. def isFontSet(): Boolean

  149. def isForegroundSet(): Boolean

  150. def isLightweight(): Boolean

  151. def isMaximumSizeSet(): Boolean

  152. def isMinimumSizeSet(): Boolean

  153. def isOpaque(): Boolean

  154. def isPreferredSizeSet(): Boolean

  155. def isShowing(): Boolean

  156. def isValid(): Boolean

  157. def isVisible(): Boolean

  158. def keyDown(arg0: Event, arg1: Int): Boolean

  159. def keyUp(arg0: Event, arg1: Int): Boolean

  160. def layout(): Unit

  161. def list(arg0: PrintWriter, arg1: Int): Unit

  162. def list(arg0: PrintStream, arg1: Int): Unit

  163. def list(arg0: PrintWriter): Unit

  164. def list(arg0: PrintStream): Unit

  165. def list(): Unit

  166. def locate(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Component

  167. def location(): Point

  168. def lostFocus(arg0: Event, arg1: Any): Boolean

  169. def minimumSize(): Dimension

  170. def mouseDown(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  171. def mouseDrag(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  172. def mouseEnter(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  173. def mouseExit(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  174. def mouseMove(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  175. def mouseUp(arg0: Event, arg1: Int, arg2: Int): Boolean

  176. def move(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Unit

  177. def nextFocus(): Unit

  178. def paint(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  179. def paintAll(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  180. def paintComponents(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  181. def play(arg0: URL, arg1: String): Unit

  182. def play(arg0: URL): Unit

  183. def postEvent(arg0: Event): Boolean

  184. def preferredSize(): Dimension

  185. def prepareImage(arg0: Image, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: ImageObserver): Boolean

  186. def prepareImage(arg0: Image, arg1: ImageObserver): Boolean

  187. def print(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  188. def printAll(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  189. def printComponents(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  190. def remove(arg0: Component): Unit

  191. def remove(arg0: Int): Unit

  192. def remove(arg0: MenuComponent): Unit

  193. def removeAll(): Unit

  194. def removeComponentListener(arg0: ComponentListener): Unit

  195. def removeContainerListener(arg0: ContainerListener): Unit

  196. def removeFocusListener(arg0: FocusListener): Unit

  197. def removeHierarchyBoundsListener(arg0: HierarchyBoundsListener): Unit

  198. def removeHierarchyListener(arg0: HierarchyListener): Unit

  199. def removeInputMethodListener(arg0: InputMethodListener): Unit

  200. def removeKeyListener(arg0: KeyListener): Unit

  201. def removeMouseListener(arg0: MouseListener): Unit

  202. def removeMouseMotionListener(arg0: MouseMotionListener): Unit

  203. def removeMouseWheelListener(arg0: MouseWheelListener): Unit

  204. def removeNotify(): Unit

  205. def removePropertyChangeListener(arg0: String, arg1: PropertyChangeListener): Unit

  206. def removePropertyChangeListener(arg0: PropertyChangeListener): Unit

  207. def repaint(arg0: Long, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: Int, arg4: Int): Unit

  208. def repaint(arg0: Int, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: Int): Unit

  209. def repaint(arg0: Long): Unit

  210. def repaint(): Unit

  211. def requestFocus(): Unit

  212. def requestFocusInWindow(): Boolean

  213. def reshape(arg0: Int, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: Int): Unit

  214. def resize(arg0: Dimension): Unit

  215. def resize(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Unit

  216. def setBackground(arg0: Color): Unit

  217. def setBounds(arg0: Rectangle): Unit

  218. def setBounds(arg0: Int, arg1: Int, arg2: Int, arg3: Int): Unit

  219. def setComponentOrientation(arg0: ComponentOrientation): Unit

  220. def setContentPane(arg0: Container): Unit

  221. def setCursor(arg0: Cursor): Unit

  222. def setDropTarget(arg0: DropTarget): Unit

  223. def setEnabled(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  224. def setFocusCycleRoot(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  225. def setFocusTraversalKeys(arg0: Int, arg1: java.util.Set[_ <: java.awt.AWTKeyStroke]): Unit

  226. def setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  227. def setFocusTraversalPolicy(arg0: FocusTraversalPolicy): Unit

  228. def setFocusable(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  229. def setFont(arg0: Font): Unit

  230. def setForeground(arg0: Color): Unit

  231. def setGlassPane(arg0: Component): Unit

  232. def setIgnoreRepaint(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  233. def setJMenuBar(arg0: JMenuBar): Unit

  234. def setLayeredPane(arg0: JLayeredPane): Unit

  235. def setLayout(arg0: LayoutManager): Unit

  236. def setLocale(arg0: Locale): Unit

  237. def setLocation(arg0: Point): Unit

  238. def setLocation(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Unit

  239. def setMaximumSize(arg0: Dimension): Unit

  240. def setMinimumSize(arg0: Dimension): Unit

  241. def setName(arg0: String): Unit

  242. def setPreferredSize(arg0: Dimension): Unit

  243. def setSize(arg0: Dimension): Unit

  244. def setSize(arg0: Int, arg1: Int): Unit

  245. def setVisible(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  246. def show(arg0: Boolean): Unit

  247. def show(): Unit

  248. def showStatus(arg0: String): Unit

  249. def size(): Dimension

  250. def start(): Unit

  251. def stop(): Unit

  252. def toString(): String

    Returns a string representation of the object

    Returns a string representation of the object.

    The default representation is platform dependent.

    definition classes: Component ⇐ AnyRef ⇐ Any
  253. def transferFocus(): Unit

  254. def transferFocusBackward(): Unit

  255. def transferFocusDownCycle(): Unit

  256. def transferFocusUpCycle(): Unit

  257. object ui extends UI with Reactor

  258. def update(arg0: Graphics): Unit

  259. def validate(): Unit

Instance constructors

  1. new SimpleApplet()

  2. new SimpleApplet(arg0: LayoutManager)