package parsing

Type Members

  1. trait ConsoleErrorHandler extends DefaultHandler

  2. class ConstructingHandler extends MarkupHandler

    Implementation of MarkupHandler that constructs nodes

  3. class ConstructingParser extends ConstructingHandler with ExternalSources with MarkupParser

    An xml parser

  4. class DefaultMarkupHandler extends MarkupHandler

    default implemenation of markup handler always returns NodeSeq

  5. trait ExternalSources extends AnyRef

  6. class FactoryAdapter extends DefaultHandler with XMLLoader[Node]

    SAX adapter class, for use with Java SAX parser

  7. class FatalError(msg: String) extends RuntimeException with Product

  8. class MarkupHandler extends Logged

    class that handles markup - provides callback methods to MarkupParser

  9. trait MarkupParser extends MarkupParserCommon with TokenTests

    An XML parser

  10. class NoBindingFactoryAdapter extends FactoryAdapter with NodeFactory[Elem]

    nobinding adaptor providing callbacks to parser to create elements

  11. trait TokenTests extends AnyRef

    Helper functions for parsing XML fragments

  12. class ValidatingMarkupHandler extends MarkupHandler with Logged

  13. class XhtmlParser extends ConstructingHandler with MarkupParser with ExternalSources

    An XML Parser that preserves CDATA blocks and knows about HtmlEntities

Value Members

  1. object ConstructingParser extends AnyRef

  2. object XhtmlEntities extends AnyRef

    (c) David Pollak 2007 WorldWide Conferencing, LLC

  3. object XhtmlParser extends AnyRef

    Convenience method that instantiates, initializes and runs an XhtmlParser