package immutable

Type Members

  1. class ::[B](hd: B, tl: List[B]) extends List[B] with Product

    A non empty list characterized by a head and a tail

  2. class BitSet extends Set[Int] with BitSet with BitSetLike[BitSet]

    A base class for immutable bit sets

  3. class HashMap[A, +B] extends Map[A, B] with MapLike[A, B, HashMap[A, B]] with HashTable[A]

    This class implements immutable maps using a hash table

  4. class HashSet[A] extends Set[A] with GenericSetTemplate[A, HashSet[A][A]] with SetLike[A, HashSet[A]] with FlatHashTable[A]

    This class implements immutable sets using a hash table

  5. trait IndexedSeq[+A] extends Seq[A] with IndexedSeq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, IndexedSeq[A][A]] with IndexedSeqLike[A, IndexedSeq[A]]

    A subtrait of collection

  6. class IntMap[+T] extends Map[Int, T] with MapLike[Int, T, IntMap[T]]

    Specialised immutable map structure for integer keys, based on

    trait Iterable[+A] extends Traversable[A] with Iterable[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Iterable[A][A]] with IterableLike[A, Iterable[A]]

    A subtrait of scala

  7. trait LinearSeq[+A] extends Seq[A] with LinearSeq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, LinearSeq[A][A]] with LinearSeqLike[A, LinearSeq[A]]

    A subtrait of collection

  8. class List[+A] extends LinearSeq[A] with Product with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, List[A][A]] with LinearSeqLike[A, List[A]]

    A class for immutable linked lists representing ordered collections of elements of type

  9. class ListMap[A, +B] extends Map[A, B] with MapLike[A, B, ListMap[A, B]]

    This class implements immutable maps using a list-based data structure

  10. class ListSet[A] extends Set[A] with GenericSetTemplate[A, ListSet[A][A]] with SetLike[A, ListSet[A]]

    This class implements immutable sets using a list-based data structure

  11. class LongMap[+T] extends Map[Long, T] with MapLike[Long, T, LongMap[T]]

    Specialised immutable map structure for long keys, based on

    trait Map[A, +B] extends Iterable[(A, B)] with Map[A, B] with MapLike[A, B, Map[A, B]]

  12. trait MapLike[A, +B, +This <: MapLike[A, B, This] with Map[A, B]] extends MapLike[A, B, This]

    A generic template for immutable maps from keys of type A to values of type B

  13. trait MapProxy[A, +B] extends Map[A, B] with MapProxyLike[A, B, Map[A, B]]

    This is a simple wrapper class for

    class NumericRange[+T] extends IndexedSeq[T]

    NumericRange is a more generic version of the Range class which works with arbitrary types

  14. class PagedSeq[T] extends IndexedSeq[T]

    An implementation of lazily computed sequences, where elements are stored in pages, i

  15. class Queue[+A] extends Seq[A]

    Queue objects implement data structures that allow to insert and retrieve elements in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) manner

  16. class Range extends IndexedSeq[Int]

    The Range class represents integer values in range [start;end) with non-zero step value step

  17. class RedBlack[A] extends AnyRef

  18. trait Seq[+A] extends Iterable[A] with Seq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Seq[A][A]] with SeqLike[A, Seq[A]]

    A subtrait of collection

  19. trait Set[A] extends Iterable[A] with Set[A] with GenericSetTemplate[A, Set[A][A]] with SetLike[A, Set[A]]

    A generic trait for immutable sets

  20. trait SetProxy[A] extends Set[A] with SetProxyLike[A, Set[A]]

    This is a simple wrapper class for

    trait SortedMap[A, +B] extends Map[A, B] with SortedMap[A, B] with MapLike[A, B, SortedMap[A, B]] with SortedMapLike[A, B, SortedMap[A, B]]

    A map whose keys are sorted

  21. trait SortedSet[A] extends Set[A] with SortedSet[A] with SortedSetLike[A, SortedSet[A]]

    A sorted set

  22. class Stack[+A] extends LinearSeq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Stack[A][A]] with LinearSeqLike[A, Stack[A]]

    This class implements immutable stacks using a list-based data structure

  23. class Stream[+A] extends LinearSeq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Stream[A][A]] with LinearSeqLike[A, Stream[A]]

    The class Stream implements lazy lists where elements are only evaluated when they are needed

  24. trait StringLike[+Repr] extends IndexedSeqLike[Char, Repr] with Ordered[String]

  25. class StringOps extends StringLike[String]

  26. trait Traversable[+A] extends Traversable[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Traversable[A][A]] with TraversableLike[A, Traversable[A]] with Immutable

    A subtrait of collection

  27. class TreeHashMap extends AnyRef

  28. class TreeMap[A, +B] extends RedBlack[A] with SortedMap[A, B] with SortedMapLike[A, B, TreeMap[A, B]] with MapLike[A, B, TreeMap[A, B]]

    This class implements immutable maps using a tree

  29. class TreeSet[A] extends RedBlack[A] with SortedSet[A] with SortedSetLike[A, TreeSet[A]]

    This class implements immutable sets using a tree

  30. class Vector[+A] extends Seq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, Vector[A][A]] with SeqLike[A, Vector[A]] with VectorPointer[A]

  31. class VectorBuilder[A] extends Builder[A, Vector[A]] with VectorPointer[A]

  32. class VectorIterator[+A] extends Iterator[A] with VectorPointer[A]

  33. class WrappedString extends IndexedSeq[Char] with StringLike[WrappedString] with Proxy

Value Members

  1. object BitSet extends BitSetFactory[BitSet]

    A factory object for bitsets

  2. object HashMap extends ImmutableMapFactory[HashMap[A, B][A, B]]

    A factory object for immutable HashMaps

  3. object HashSet extends SetFactory[HashSet[A][A]]

    A factory object for immutable HashSets

  4. object IndexedSeq extends SeqFactory[IndexedSeq[A][A]]

  5. object IntMap extends AnyRef

  6. object Iterable extends TraversableFactory[Iterable[A][A]]

    A factory object for the trait Iterable

  7. object LinearSeq extends SeqFactory[LinearSeq[A][A]]

  8. object List extends SeqFactory[List[A][A]]


  9. object ListMap extends ImmutableMapFactory[ListMap[A, B][A, B]]

    The canonical factory of

    object ListSet extends SetFactory[ListSet[A][A]]

    The canonical factory of

    object LongMap extends AnyRef

  10. object Map extends ImmutableMapFactory[Map[A, B][A, B]]

  11. object Nil extends List[Nothing] with Product

    The empty list

  12. object NumericRange extends AnyRef

  13. object PagedSeq extends AnyRef

    The PagedSeq object defines a lazy implementations of a random access sequence

  14. object Queue extends AnyRef

  15. object Range extends AnyRef

  16. object Seq extends SeqFactory[Seq[A][A]]

  17. object Set extends SetFactory[Set[A][A]]

  18. object SortedMap extends ImmutableSortedMapFactory[SortedMap[A, B][A, B]]

  19. object SortedSet extends ImmutableSortedSetFactory[SortedSet[A][A]]

  20. object Stack extends SeqFactory[Stack[A][A]]

  21. object Stream extends SeqFactory[Stream[A][A]]

    The object Stream provides helper functions to manipulate streams

  22. object StringLike extends AnyRef

  23. object Traversable extends TraversableFactory[Traversable[A][A]]

    A factory object for the trait Traversable

  24. object TreeMap extends ImmutableSortedMapFactory[TreeMap[A, B][A, B]]

    The canonical factory of

    object TreeSet extends SortedSetFactory[TreeSet[A][A]]

    The canonical factory of

    object Vector extends SeqFactory[Vector[A][A]]

  25. object WrappedString extends AnyRef