package xml

Type Members

  1. class Atom[+A] extends SpecialNode

    The class Atom provides an XML node for text (PCDATA)

  2. trait Attribute extends MetaData

  3. class Comment(commentText: String) extends SpecialNode with Product

    The class Comment implements an XML node for comments

  4. class Document extends NodeSeq with XMLEvent

    A document information item (according to InfoSet spec)

  5. class Elem extends Node

    The case class Elem extends the Node class, providing an immutable data object representing an XML element

  6. class EntityRef(entityName: String) extends SpecialNode with Product

    The class EntityRef implements an XML node for entity references

  7. class Group(nodes: Seq[Node]) extends Node with Product

    A hack to group XML nodes in one node for output

  8. class HasKeyValue extends AnyRef

    Use this class to match on (unprefixed) attribute values val hasName = new HasKeyValue("name") node match { case Node("foo", hasName(x), _*) => x // foo had attribute with key "name" and with value x }

  9. class MalformedAttributeException(msg: String) extends RuntimeException with Product

  10. class MetaData extends Iterable[MetaData]

    This class represents an attribute and at the same time a linked list of attributes

  11. class NamespaceBinding(prefix: String, uri: String, parent: NamespaceBinding) extends Product

    The class NamespaceBinding represents namespace bindings and scopes

  12. class Node extends NodeSeq

    An abstract class representing XML with nodes of a labelled tree

  13. class NodeBuffer extends ArrayBuffer[Node]

    This class acts as a Buffer for nodes

  14. class NodeSeq extends Seq[Node] with SeqLike[Node, NodeSeq]

    This class implements a wrapper around Seq[Node] that adds XPath and comprehension methods

  15. class PCData(_data: String) extends Atom[String] with Product

    This class (which is not used by all XML parsers, but always used by the XHTML one) represents parseable character data, which appeared as CDATA sections in the input and is to be preserved as CDATA section in the output

  16. class PrefixedAttribute extends MetaData with Attribute

    prefixed attributes always have a non-null namespace

  17. class PrettyPrinter extends AnyRef

    Class for pretty printing

  18. class ProcInstr(target: String, proctext: String) extends SpecialNode with Product

    an XML node for processing instructions (PI)

  19. class SpecialNode extends Node with XMLEvent

    SpecialNode is a special XML node which represents either text (PCDATA), a comment, a PI, or an entity ref

  20. class Text(_data: String) extends Atom[String] with Product

    The class Text implements an XML node for text (PCDATA)

  21. class TextBuffer extends AnyRef

    The class TextBuffer is for creating text nodes without surplus whitespace

  22. class TypeSymbol extends AnyRef

  23. class Unparsed extends Atom[String]

    An XML node for unparsed content

  24. class UnprefixedAttribute extends MetaData with Attribute

    Unprefixed attributes have the null namespace, and no prefix field

Value Members

  1. object Attribute extends AnyRef

    Attribute defines the interface shared by both PrefixedAttribute and UnprefixedAttribute

  2. object Elem extends AnyRef

    This singleton object contains the apply and unapplySeq methods for convenient construction and deconstruction

  3. object MetaData extends AnyRef

    Copyright 2008 Google Inc

  4. object Node extends AnyRef

    This object provides methods

  5. object NodeSeq extends AnyRef

    This object

  6. object Null extends MetaData with Product

  7. object PrefixedAttribute extends AnyRef

  8. object QNode extends AnyRef

    This object provides an extractor method to match a qualified node with its namespace URI

  9. object Source extends AnyRef

  10. object TextBuffer extends AnyRef

  11. object TopScope extends NamespaceBinding

    top level namespace scope

  12. object Unparsed extends AnyRef

  13. object UnprefixedAttribute extends AnyRef

  14. object Utility extends TokenTests

    The Utility object provides utility functions for processing instances of bound and not bound XML classes, as well as escaping text nodes

  15. object XML extends XMLLoader[Elem]

    The object XML provides constants, and functions to load and save XML elements

  16. object Xhtml extends AnyRef

  17. package dtd

  18. package factory

  19. package include

  20. package parsing

  21. package persistent

  22. package pull

  23. package transform