package combinator

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  1. trait ImplicitConversions extends AnyRef

    This object contains implicit conversions that come in handy when using the ^^' combinator {@see Parsers} to construct an AST from the concrete syntax. The reason for this is that the sequential composition combinator (~') combines its constituents into a ~.

  2. trait JavaTokenParsers extends RegexParsers

  3. trait PackratParsers extends Parsers

    PackratParsers is a component that extends the parser combinators provided by Parsers with a memoization facility (Packrat Parsing).

  4. trait Parsers extends AnyRef

    Parsers is a component that provides generic parser combinators.

  5. trait RegexParsers extends Parsers

Value Members

  1. package lexical

  2. package syntactical

  3. package testing

  4. package token