package dtd

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Type Members

  1. class AttListDecl(name: String, attrs: List[AttrDecl]) extends MarkupDecl with Product

  2. class AttrDecl(name: String, tpe: String, default: DefaultDecl) extends Product

    an attribute declaration.

  3. class ContentModel extends AnyRef

    attributes: sealed abstract
  4. class DEFAULT(fixed: Boolean, attValue: String) extends DefaultDecl with Product

  5. class DFAContentModel extends ContentModel

    attributes: sealed abstract
  6. class DTD extends AnyRef

    A document type declaration.

  7. class Decl extends AnyRef

    attributes: abstract
  8. class DefaultDecl extends AnyRef

    attributes: abstract
  9. class DocType(name: String, extID: ExternalID, intSubset: Seq[Decl]) extends Product

    An XML node for document type declaration.

  10. class ELEMENTS(r: RegExp) extends DFAContentModel with Product

  11. class ElemDecl(name: String, contentModel: ContentModel) extends MarkupDecl with Product

    an element declaration

  12. class ElementValidator extends (Node) ⇒ Boolean

    validate children and/or attributes of an element exceptions are created but not thrown.

  13. class EntityDecl extends MarkupDecl

    an entity declaration

  14. class EntityDef extends AnyRef

    attributes: abstract
  15. class ExtDef(extID: ExternalID) extends EntityDef with Product

  16. class ExternalID extends TokenTests

    an ExternalIDs - either PublicID or SystemID

  17. class IntDef(value: String) extends EntityDef with Product

  18. class MIXED(r: RegExp) extends DFAContentModel with Product

  19. class MarkupDecl extends Decl

    attributes: abstract
  20. class NotationDecl(name: String, extID: ExternalID) extends MarkupDecl with Product

    a notation declaration

  21. class PEReference(ent: String) extends MarkupDecl with Product

    a parsed entity reference

  22. class ParameterEntityDecl(name: String, entdef: EntityDef) extends EntityDecl with Product

    a parameter entity declaration

  23. class ParsedEntityDecl(name: String, entdef: EntityDef) extends EntityDecl with Product

    a parsed general entity declaration

  24. class PublicID(publicId: String, systemId: String) extends ExternalID with Product

    a public identifier (see http://www.

  25. class Scanner extends Tokens with TokenTests

    Scanner for regexps (content models in DTD element declarations) todo: cleanup

  26. class SystemID(systemId: String) extends ExternalID with Product

    a system identifier

  27. class Tokens extends AnyRef

  28. class UnparsedEntityDecl(name: String, extID: ExternalID, notation: String) extends EntityDecl with Product

    an unparsed entity declaration

  29. class ValidationException(e: String) extends Exception with Product

Value Members

  1. object ANY extends ContentModel with Product

  2. object ContentModel extends WordExp

  3. object ContentModelParser extends Scanner

    Parser for regexps (content models in DTD element declarations)

  4. object EMPTY extends ContentModel with Product

  5. object IMPLIED extends DefaultDecl with Product

  6. object MakeValidationException extends AnyRef

    no summary matey

  7. object PCDATA extends ContentModel with Product

  8. object REQUIRED extends DefaultDecl with Product