package util

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Type Members

  1. class DynamicVariable [T] extends AnyRef

    DynamicVariables provide a binding mechanism where the current value is found through dynamic scope, but where access to the variable itself is resolved through static scope.

  2. class Random extends AnyRef

  3. class RichSorting [K] extends AnyRef

    A RichSorting object is generally created implicitly through the use of the sort function on an arbitrary sequence, where the items are ordered.

Value Members

  1. object Marshal extends AnyRef

    Marshalling of Scala objects using Scala manifests.

  2. object Properties extends PropertiesTrait

    Loads library.

  3. object Random extends Random

    The object Random offers a default implementation of scala.

  4. object Sorting extends AnyRef

    The Sorting object provides functions that can sort various kinds of objects.

  5. package automata

  6. package continuations

  7. package control

  8. package grammar

  9. package logging

  10. package matching

  11. package parsing

  12. package regexp