package remote

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Type Members

  1. class ExitFun extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) ⇒ Unit

  2. class JavaSerializer extends Serializer

  3. class LinkToFun extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) ⇒ Unit

  4. case class LocalApply0 (rfun: (AbstractActor, Proxy) ⇒ Unit, a: AbstractActor) extends Product

  5. case class Locator (node: Node, name: Symbol) extends Product

  6. case class NamedSend (senderLoc: Locator, receiverLoc: Locator, data: Array[Byte], session: Symbol) extends Product

  7. case class Node (address: String, port: Int) extends Product

    This class represents a machine node on a TCP network.

  8. case class RemoteApply0 (senderLoc: Locator, receiverLoc: Locator, rfun: (AbstractActor, Proxy) ⇒ Unit) extends Product

  9. case class SendTo (a: OutputChannel[Any], msg: Any, session: Symbol) extends Product

  10. class Serializer extends AnyRef

    attributes: abstract
  11. trait Service extends AnyRef

  12. class TcpService extends Thread with Service

  13. class UnlinkFromFun extends (AbstractActor, Proxy) ⇒ Unit

Value Members

  1. object FreshNameCreator extends AnyRef

  2. object RemoteActor extends AnyRef

    This object provides methods for creating, registering, and selecting remotely accessible actors.

  3. object TcpService extends AnyRef

  4. object Terminate extends Product