package interfaces

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Type Members

  1. trait AddableMethods [A, +This <: Addable[A, This]] extends AnyRef

  2. trait IterableMethods [+A, +This <: IterableLike[A, This] with Iterable[A]] extends TraversableMethods[A, This]

  3. trait MapMethods [A, +B, +This <: MapLike[A, B, This] with Map[A, B]] extends IterableMethods[(A, B), This] with SubtractableMethods[A, This]

  4. trait SeqMethods [+A, +This <: SeqLike[A, This] with Seq[A]] extends IterableMethods[A, This]

  5. trait SetMethods [A, +This <: SetLike[A, This] with Set[A]] extends IterableMethods[A, This] with AddableMethods[A, This] with SubtractableMethods[A, This]

  6. trait SubtractableMethods [A, +This <: Subtractable[A, This]] extends AnyRef

  7. trait TraversableMethods [+A, +This <: TraversableLike[A, This] with Traversable[A]] extends AnyRef

  8. trait TraversableOnceMethods [+A] extends AnyRef