package generic

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Type Members

  1. trait AnnotationInfos extends AnyRef

  2. trait Constants extends AnyRef

  3. class Flags extends ModifierFlags

  4. trait HasFlags extends AnyRef

    Common code utilized by Modifiers (which carry the flags associated with Trees) and Symbol.

  5. class ModifierFlags extends AnyRef

    Flags set on Modifiers instances in the parsing stage.

  6. trait Names extends AnyRef

  7. class PickleBuffer extends AnyRef

    Variable length byte arrays, with methods for basic pickling and unpickling.

  8. trait Scopes extends AnyRef

  9. trait StandardDefinitions extends AnyRef

  10. trait StdNames extends AnyRef

  11. trait Symbols extends AnyRef

  12. trait Trees extends AnyRef

  13. trait Types extends AnyRef

  14. class UnPickler extends AnyRef

  15. class Universe extends Symbols with Types with Constants with Scopes with Names with StdNames with Trees with AnnotationInfos with StandardDefinitions


Value Members

  1. object ByteCodecs extends AnyRef

  2. object Flags extends Flags

  3. object ModifierFlags extends ModifierFlags

  4. object PickleFormat extends AnyRef

    This object provides constants for pickling attributes.