package typelevel

Type-level data structures in Scalaz.

This package contains:

In general, including scalaz.typelevel._ should be enough.

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait Format[T, R] extends AnyRef

  2. trait Formatter[Params <: HList, R] extends (Params) ⇒ R

  3. trait Formatters extends AnyRef

  4. trait Func[F[_], TC[F[_]] <: Functor[F[_]], A, B] extends AnyRef

    Represents a function A => F[B] where [F: TC].

  5. trait FuncFunctions extends AnyRef

  6. trait FuncInstances extends FuncInstances1

  7. trait FuncInstances1 extends FuncInstances2

  8. trait FuncInstances2 extends FuncInstances3

  9. trait FuncInstances3 extends AnyRef

  10. case class GenericCons[M[_], H, +T <: GenericList[M]](head: M[H], tail: T) extends GenericList[M] with Product with Serializable

  11. sealed trait GenericList[+M[_]] extends AnyRef

    A list which preserves the precise types of all elements.

  12. case class GenericNil[M[_]]() extends GenericList[M] with Product with Serializable

  13. type HCons[H, T <: HList] = GenericCons[Id.Id, H, T]


    :: as type and extractor is available in scalaz.syntax.typelevel.HLists

  14. case class HConsFunc[F[_], TC[F[_]] <: Functor[F[_]], A, B, +T <: HListFunc[TC, A, B]](head: Func[F, TC, A, B], tail: T) extends HListFunc[TC, A, B] with Product with Serializable

  15. trait HFold[M[_], U] extends AnyRef

  16. type HList = GenericList[Id.Id]

    A scalaz.typelevel.GenericList with the type constructor scalaz.Id

  17. trait HListFunc[TC[X[_]] <: Functor[X[_]], A, B] extends AnyRef

    Represents a function A => T#Product[B] where [L <: TCList].

  18. type HNil = GenericNil[Id.Id]

  19. case class HNilFunc[TC[F[_]] <: Functor[F[_]], A, B](TC0: KTypeClass[TC]) extends HListFunc[TC, A, B] with Product with Serializable

  20. trait HStream[T[_ <: Nat]] extends AbstractHStream

    An infinite sequence of elements with different types.

  21. type KCons[M[_], H, +T <: KList[M]] = GenericCons[M, H, T]

  22. type KList[M[_]] = GenericList[M]

    Alias for scalaz.typelevel.KList

  23. type KNil[M[_]] = GenericNil[M]

  24. trait KTypeClass[C[_[_]]] extends AnyRef

    A type class abstracting over the product and compose operations of type classes over types of kind * -> *.

  25. trait NFold[U] extends AnyRef

  26. sealed trait Nat extends AnyRef

  27. trait Nats extends AnyRef

  28. class SimpleUnionFormat[D <: UnionTypes.Disj, R] extends UnionFormat[D, R]

  29. case class Succ[N <: Nat](predecessor: N) extends Nat with Product with Serializable

  30. sealed trait TCCons[M[_], T <: TCList] extends TCList

  31. sealed trait TCList extends AnyRef

    A structure storing a list of type constructors in the type, providing type conversions for composition and products.

  32. sealed trait TCNil extends TCList

  33. trait UnionFormat[D <: UnionTypes.Disj, R] extends Format[UnionTypes.Union[D], R]

  34. type UpperConstrained[T[_], U] = AnyRef { type Apply[X <: U] = T[X] }

    Constraining a type constructor to a certain upper bound

Value Members

  1. val :^:: GenericCons.type

  2. object AppFunc

  3. object AppFuncU

  4. object ApplyFunc

  5. object ApplyFuncU

  6. def FNil[R](implicit arg0: Monoid[R]): Formatter[HNil, R]

    The empty scalaz.typelevel.Formatter.

  7. object Format

  8. object Formatter extends Formatters

  9. object Func extends FuncFunctions with FuncInstances

  10. object FunctorFunc

  11. object FunctorFuncU

  12. object GenericList

  13. object HCons extends Serializable

  14. object HFold

  15. object HListFunc

  16. object HLists

  17. lazy val HNil: HNil

  18. object HStream

  19. val KNil: _KNil.type

  20. object KTypeClass

  21. object NFold

  22. object Nats extends Nats

  23. object Typelevel extends AllSyntaxes with Nats

  24. object Zero extends Nat with Product with Serializable

  25. object _KNil extends KNil[Nothing]

  26. package formatters

  27. implicit def mkIdOps[T <: HList](list: T): IdOps[T]

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