Annotation Interface CassandreStrategy

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(TYPE) @Component public @interface CassandreStrategy
Cassandre's strategy annotation.

These are the classes used by Cassandre to manage a position. - CassandreStrategyInterface list the methods a strategy type must implement to be able to interact with the Cassandre framework. - CassandreStrategyConfiguration contains the configuration of the strategy. - CassandreStrategyDependencies contains all the dependencies required by a strategy and provided by the Cassandre framework. - CassandreStrategyImplementation is the default implementation of CassandreStrategyInterface, this code manages the interaction between Cassandre framework and a strategy. - CassandreStrategy (class) is the class that every strategy used by user (BasicCassandreStrategy must extend. It contains methods to access data and manage orders, trades, positions. There are the classes used by the developer. - CassandreStrategy (interface) is the annotation allowing you Cassandre to recognize a user strategy. - BasicCassandreStrategy - User inherits this class this one to make a basic strategy.

  • Element Details

    • strategyId

      String strategyId
      Strategy id.
      strategy id
    • strategyName

      String strategyName
      Strategy name.
      strategy name
      "My strategy"