Interface Summary
LintListener Interface implemented by listeners to be notified of lint events

Class Summary
Configuration Lint configuration for an Android project such as which specific rules to include, which specific rules to exclude, and which specific errors to ignore.
DefaultConfiguration Default implementation of a Configuration which reads and writes configuration data into lint.xml in the project directory.
IssueRegistry Registry which provides a list of checks to be performed on an Android project
JavaParser A wrapper for a Java parser.
JavaParser.DefaultTypeDescriptor Convenience implementation of JavaParser.TypeDescriptor
JavaParser.ResolvedAnnotation An annotation reference.
JavaParser.ResolvedClass A resolved class declaration (class, interface, enumeration or annotation)
JavaParser.ResolvedField A field declaration
JavaParser.ResolvedMethod A method or constructor declaration
JavaParser.ResolvedNode A resolved declaration from an AST Node reference
JavaParser.ResolvedPackage A package declaration
JavaParser.ResolvedVariable A local variable or parameter declaration
JavaParser.TypeDescriptor A description of a type, such as a primitive int or the class
JavaVisitor Specialized visitor for running detectors on a Java AST.
LintClient Information about the tool embedding the lint analyzer.
LintClient.ClassPathInfo Information about class paths (sources, class files and libraries) usually associated with a project.
LintDriver Analyzes Android projects and files
LintRequest Information about a request to run lint
SdkInfo Information about SDKs
XmlParser A wrapper for an XML parser.

Enum Summary
LintListener.EventType The various types of events provided to lint listeners

Exception Summary
CircularDependencyException Exception thrown when there is a circular dependency, such as a circular dependency of library mProject references