Class LocalSystemInfo


public class LocalSystemInfo
extends Object
Utility class for accessing information about the local system. The majority of information is specific to the Linux operating system.
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static LocalSystemInfo getInstance()
    • getOsName

      public String getOsName()
    • isLinux

      public boolean isLinux()
    • isWindows

      public boolean isWindows()
    • getOsArch

      public String getOsArch()
    • isArm32

      public boolean isArm32()
    • isArm64

      public boolean isArm64()
    • isArm

      public boolean isArm()
    • getLibFileExtension

      public String getLibFileExtension()
    • getHardware

      public String getHardware()
    • getRevision

      public String getRevision()
    • getModel

      public String getModel()
    • getMemoryKb

      public Integer getMemoryKb()
    • getDefaultLibraryPath

      public String getDefaultLibraryPath()
    • loadLinuxBoardCompatibility

      public List<String> loadLinuxBoardCompatibility()
    • getLinuxOsReleaseProperty

      public String getLinuxOsReleaseProperty​(String property)
      Get a property from the operating system release file /etc/os-release
      property - the property to get
      property value
    • getLinuxOperatingSystemId

      public String getLinuxOperatingSystemId()
      Get the local operating system id as defined by the ID property in /etc/os-release
      value of the ID property
    • getLinuxOperatingSystemVersion

      public String getLinuxOperatingSystemVersion()
      Get the local operating system version as defined by the VERSION property in /etc/os-release
      value of the VERSION property
    • getLinuxOperatingSystemVersionId

      public String getLinuxOperatingSystemVersionId()
      Get the local operating system version id as defined by the VERSION_ID property in /etc/os-release
      value of the VERSION_ID property
    • getI2CBusNumbers

      public static Collection<Integer> getI2CBusNumbers()
    • getCpuTemperature

      public static float getCpuTemperature()
      Utility method to get the CPU temperate of the attached board
      the CPU temperature
    • main

      public static void main​(String[] args)