package core

Linear Supertypes
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Type Members

  1. case class Arg(name: String, extraNames: Seq[Name], valueDescription: Option[ValueDescription], helpMessage: Option[HelpMessage], noHelp: Boolean, isFlag: Boolean, hintDescription: String, defaultDescription: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  2. trait ArgParser[T] extends AnyRef

  3. trait ArgsApp extends AnyRef

  4. trait CommandArgsApp extends ArgsApp

  5. case class CommandMessages(args: Seq[Arg], argsNameOption: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  6. trait CommandParser[T] extends AnyRef

  7. case class CommandsMessages[T](messages: Seq[(String, CommandMessages)]) extends Product with Serializable

  8. trait Default[CC] extends AnyRef

    Type class providing a default value for type CC

  9. trait DefaultArgsApp extends ArgsApp

  10. case class DefaultBaseCommand() extends Command with Product with Serializable

  11. trait DefaultCommandArgsApp extends DefaultArgsApp with CommandArgsApp

  12. trait DefaultOr[L <: HList, D <: HList] extends AnyRef

  13. trait HListParser[L <: HList, D <: HList, -N <: HList, -V <: HList, -M <: HList, -H <: HList, R <: HList] extends AnyRef

  14. trait LowPriorityDefaultOr extends AnyRef

  15. case class Messages[T](args: Seq[Arg], appName: String, appVersion: String, progName: String, argsNameOption: Option[String], optionsDesc: String = "[options]") extends Product with Serializable

    Provides usage and help messages related to T

  16. implicit class NameOps extends AnyRef

  17. trait Parser[T] extends AnyRef

  18. trait PlatformArgParsers extends AnyRef

  19. trait PlatformDefaults extends AnyRef

  20. implicit class ValueDescriptionOps extends AnyRef

  21. case class WithHelp[T](usage: Boolean = false, help: Boolean = false, base: T) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object ArgParser extends PlatformArgParsers

  2. object CommandParser

  3. object CommandsMessages extends Serializable

  4. object Default extends PlatformDefaults

  5. object DefaultOr extends LowPriorityDefaultOr

  6. object HListParser

  7. object Messages extends Serializable

  8. object Parser

  9. object PlatformUtil

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