package caseapp

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Type Members

  1. type @@[T, Tag] = AnyRef { type Tag = shapeless.newtype.NewtypeTag[T,Tag] }

  2. abstract class CaseApp[T] extends AnyRef

  3. abstract class CommandApp[T] extends CommandAppWithPreCommand[DefaultBaseCommand, T]

  4. abstract class CommandAppWithPreCommand[D, T] extends AnyRef

  5. type CommandParser[T] = caseapp.core.CommandParser[T]

  6. sealed trait Counter extends AnyRef

  7. type ExtraName = Name

  8. type Parser[T] = caseapp.core.Parser[T]

  9. final case class RemainingArgs(remainingArgs: Seq[String], unparsedArgs: Seq[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  10. trait App extends DefaultArgsApp with DelayedInit

    Have a case class extend this trait for its fields to become command line arguments, and its body the core of your app using these.

  11. abstract class AppOf[T <: ArgsApp] extends AnyRef

    Have a singleton extends this class to get a class with a main method for the app of T

  12. trait Command extends DefaultCommandArgsApp with DelayedInit

    Have a sealed trait extend this for its case class children to become commands.

  13. abstract class CommandAppOf[T <: ArgsApp] extends CommandAppOfWithBase[DefaultBaseCommand, T]


    (Since version 1.2.0-M2) Use CommandApp instead

  14. abstract class CommandAppOfWithBase[D <: CommandArgsApp, T <: ArgsApp] extends AnyRef


    (Since version 1.2.0-M2) Use CommandAppWithPreCommand instead

Value Members

  1. object CaseApp

  2. val CommandParser: caseapp.core.CommandParser.type

  3. val Parser: caseapp.core.Parser.type

  4. object Tag

  5. package core

  6. implicit def optionGeneric[T]: Aux[Option[T], :+:[Some[T], :+:[None.type, CNil]]]

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