Interface NodeWithTypeArguments<N extends Node>

    • Method Detail

      • getTypeArguments

        Optional<NodeList<Type>> getTypeArguments()
        the types that can be found in the type arguments: <String, Integer>.
      • setTypeArguments

        N setTypeArguments​(NodeList<Type> typeArguments)
        Allows you to set the generic arguments
        typeArguments - The list of types of the generics, can be null
      • isUsingDiamondOperator

        default boolean isUsingDiamondOperator()
        whether the type arguments look like <>.
      • setDiamondOperator

        default N setDiamondOperator()
        Sets the type arguments to <>.
      • removeTypeArguments

        default N removeTypeArguments()
        Removes all type arguments, including the surrounding <>.
      • setTypeArguments

        default N setTypeArguments​(Type... typeArguments)