This package provides the Gson class to convert Json to Java and vice-versa.


Interface Summary
ExclusionStrategy A strategy (or policy) definition that is used to decide whether or not a field or top-level class should be serialized or deserialized as part of the JSON output/input.
FieldNamingStrategy A mechanism for providing custom field naming in Gson.
InstanceCreator<T> This interface is implemented to create instances of a class that does not define a no-args constructor.
JsonDeserializationContext Context for deserialization that is passed to a custom deserializer during invocation of its JsonDeserializer.deserialize(JsonElement, Type, JsonDeserializationContext) method.
JsonDeserializer<T> Interface representing a custom deserializer for Json.
JsonSerializationContext Context for serialization that is passed to a custom serializer during invocation of its JsonSerializer.serialize(Object, Type, JsonSerializationContext) method.
JsonSerializer<T> Interface representing a custom serializer for Json.

Class Summary
FieldAttributes A data object that stores attributes of a field.
Gson This is the main class for using Gson.
GsonBuilder Use this builder to construct a Gson instance when you need to set configuration options other than the default.
JsonArray A class representing an array type in Json.
JsonElement A class representing an element of Json.
JsonNull A class representing a Json null value.
JsonObject A class representing an object type in Json.
JsonParser A parser to parse Json into a parse tree of JsonElements
JsonPrimitive A class representing a Json primitive value.
JsonStreamParser A streaming parser that allows reading of multiple JsonElements from the specified reader asynchronously.

Enum Summary
FieldNamingPolicy An enumeration that defines a few standard naming conventions for JSON field names.
LongSerializationPolicy Defines the expected format for a long or Long type when its serialized.

Exception Summary
JsonIOException This exception is raised when Gson was unable to read an input stream or write to one.
JsonParseException This exception is raised if there is a serious issue that occurs during parsing of a Json string.
JsonSyntaxException This exception is raised when Gson attempts to read (or write) a malformed JSON element.

Package Description

This package provides the Gson class to convert Json to Java and vice-versa.

The primary class to use is Gson which can be constructed with new Gson() (using default settings) or by using GsonBuilder (to configure various options such as using versioning and so on).

Inderjeet Singh, Joel Leitch

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