Package com.ning.http.client

Interface Summary
AsyncHandler<T> An asynchronous handler or callback which gets invoked as soon as some data is available when processing an asynchronous response.
Callback methods get invoked in the following order: AsyncHandler.onStatusReceived(HttpResponseStatus), AsyncHandler.onHeadersReceived(HttpResponseHeaders), AsyncHandler.onBodyPartReceived(HttpResponseBodyPart), which could be invoked multiple times, AsyncHandler.onCompleted(), once the response has been fully read.

Returning a AsyncHandler.STATE.ABORT from any of those callback methods will interrupt asynchronous response processing, after that only AsyncHandler.onCompleted() is going to be called.

AsyncHandlerExtensions This interface hosts new low level callback methods on AsyncHandler.
AsyncHttpProvider Interface to be used when implementing custom asynchronous I/O HTTP client.
AsyncHttpProviderConfig<U,V> AsyncHttpProvider proprietary configurable properties.
Body A request body.
BodyConsumer A simple API to be used with the SimpleAsyncHttpClient class in order to process response's bytes.
BodyGenerator Creates a request body.
ConnectionsPool<U,V> An interface used by an AsyncHttpProvider for caching http connections.
ListenableFuture<V> Extended Future
Part Interface for the parts in a multipart request.
ProgressAsyncHandler<T> An extended AsyncHandler with two extra callback who get invoked during the content upload to a remote server.
ProxyServerSelector Selector for a proxy server
RandomAccessBody A request body which supports random access to its contents.
Request The Request class can be used to construct HTTP request:
Request.EntityWriter An entity that can be used to manipulate the Request's body output before it get sent.
Response Represents the asynchronous HTTP response callback for an AsyncCompletionHandler
SignatureCalculator Interface that allows injecting signature calculator into RequestBuilder so that signature calculation and inclusion can be added as a pluggable component.
SimpleAsyncHttpClient.DerivedBuilder This interface contains possible configuration changes for a derived SimpleAsyncHttpClient.
SSLEngineFactory Factory that creates an SSLEngine to be used for a single SSL connection.
ThrowableHandler Simple Throwable handler to be used with SimpleAsyncHttpClient
UpgradeHandler<T> Invoked when an AsyncHandler.STATE.UPGRADE is returned.

Class Summary
AsyncCompletionHandler<T> An AsyncHandler augmented with an AsyncCompletionHandler.onCompleted(Response) convenience method which gets called when the Response processing is finished.
AsyncCompletionHandlerBase Simple AsyncHandler of type Response
AsyncHttpClient This class support asynchronous and synchronous HTTP request.
AsyncHttpClientConfig Configuration class to use with a AsyncHttpClient.
AsyncHttpClientConfig.Builder Builder for an AsyncHttpClient
AsyncHttpClientConfigBean Simple JavaBean version of AsyncHttpClientConfig
BodyDeferringAsyncHandler An AsyncHandler that returns Response (without body, so status code and headers only) as fast as possible for inspection, but leaves you the option to defer body consumption.
BodyDeferringAsyncHandler.BodyDeferringInputStream A simple helper class that is used to perform automatic "join" for async download and the error checking of the Future of the request.
FilePart A file multipart part.
FluentCaseInsensitiveStringsMap An implementation of a String -> List<String> map that adds a fluent interface, i.e.
FluentStringsMap An implementation of a String -> List<String> map that adds a fluent interface, i.e.
HttpContent Base class for callback class used by AsyncHandler
HttpResponseBodyPart A callback class used when an HTTP response body is received.
HttpResponseBodyPartsInputStream An InputStream that reads all the elements in an array of HttpResponseBodyParts.
HttpResponseHeaders A class that represent the HTTP headers.
HttpResponseStatus A class that represent the HTTP response' status line (code + text)
PerRequestConfig Deprecated. Per request properties are set on request directly or via builder.
ProxyServer Represents a proxy server.
Realm This class is required when authentication is needed.
Realm.RealmBuilder A builder for Realm
RequestBuilder Builder for a Request.
RequestBuilderBase<T extends RequestBuilderBase<T>> Builder for Request
SimpleAsyncHttpClient Simple implementation of AsyncHttpClient and it's related builders (AsyncHttpClientConfig, Realm, ProxyServer and AsyncHandler.
StringPart A string multipart part.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
MaxRedirectException Thrown when the AsyncHttpClientConfig.getMaxRedirects() has been reached.

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