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core SRU2018-7.10.3 API

Prowide SWIFT Core

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Package Description
Generic helper classes
Classes to support Prowide deprecation policy: Deprecation Policy
General purpose utility classes for the swift model
RJE reader/writer to process batch files with multiple messages.
Classes that parse SWIFT messages from FIN or XML into SwiftMessage objects.
Classes to serialize SwiftMessage object into a String with SWIFT FIN or XML formats
Core package with classes that model SWIFT messages.
Base package for classes that model SWIFT MT message fields.
Base package for classes that model SWIFT MTs.
Base package for classes that model SWIFT MX messages.
Base package for all MX business objects used inside MX messages.
Miscellaneous utility and helper classes.

Prowide SWIFT Core

Prowide Core is an open source Java framework for managing SWIFT messages.

What's included?

  1. Java model for ISO 15022 MT (ex: MT103 and Field32A classes, for all MT message categories)
  2. Parser from SWIFT (FIN or RJE) into Java
  3. Builder API from Java to SWIFT (FIN or RJE)
  4. Conversion to JSON and proprietary XML
  5. Complementary model suited for persistence
  6. Generic support for ISO 20022 MX

Java model for MT SWIFT messages

The message model for MT messages is a set of Java classes representing the structure and content of a SWIFT MT (ISO 15022) message.

It is designed in three layers of specific use; each provide a different level of abstraction.

Prowide Core model

Persistence - Lightweight Layer

Generic representation for messages intended for persistence. It can be thinked of as a wrapper of a swift message file.

The model includes specific attributes for headers and trailer information, while the body content (business payload) is kept as single String attribute (not parsed).
It is specially suited for optimal database persistence, sharing a simple and efficient database structure for all message types including MX.

The main classes for this layer are the AbstractSwiftMessage and MtSwiftMessage.

Parse/Build - Functional Layer

This layer provides a specific classes for each message type and field. It can be thinked of as a facade or view of the internal message content.

The entry point for this layer is the AbstractMT and all its subclasses that represent a specific message type.

This model is specially suited to read content from messages.

Backbone - Structure Layer

The message representation at this level handles the message content as simple tuples of field name and field value and implements low level handling of sequences and block. This model is quite simple, generic and loosely coupled to specific messages, therefore being very efficient and requiring minimal construction constraints.

Messages in this layer are represented by the SwiftMessage class, with its internal name-value tuples modeled by the Tag class.

This layer is also the one used for content modification.

Additional resources

  1. Documentation:
  2. Code examples:
  3. Source code:
  4. Binary download:

The project (previously known as WIFE) is active since 2006, production ready and commercially supported by Prowide Software.

For SWIFT messages validation, extended MX support, GUI application and more, please check the Integrator version at

SWIFT is a trademark of S.W.I.F.T. SCRL.

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