package session

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Type Members

  1. class BasicSessionEncoder[T] extends SessionEncoder[T]

  2. class CheckHeader[T] extends CsrfCheckMode[T]
  3. class CheckHeaderAndForm[T] extends CsrfCheckMode[T]
  4. trait ClientSessionManager[T] extends AnyRef
  5. case class CookieConfig(name: String, domain: Option[String], path: Option[String], secure: Boolean, httpOnly: Boolean, sameSite: Option[SameSite]) extends Product with Serializable
  6. sealed trait CsrfCheckMode[T] extends AnyRef
  7. trait CsrfDirectives extends AnyRef
  8. trait CsrfManager[T] extends AnyRef
  9. case class DecodeResult[T](t: T, expires: Option[Long], signatureMatches: Boolean, isLegacy: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  10. sealed trait GetSessionTransport extends AnyRef
  11. case class HeaderConfig(sendToClientHeaderName: String, getFromClientHeaderName: String) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait InMemoryRefreshTokenStorage[T] extends RefreshTokenStorage[T]

    Useful for testing.

  13. sealed trait JwsAlgorithm extends AnyRef
  14. class MultiValueSessionSerializer[T] extends SessionSerializer[T, String]
  15. class OneOff[T] extends SessionContinuity[T]
  16. trait OneOffSessionDirectives extends AnyRef
  17. case class RefreshTokenData[T](forSession: T, selector: String, tokenHash: String, expires: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  18. case class RefreshTokenLookupResult[T](tokenHash: String, expires: Long, createSession: () ⇒ T) extends Product with Serializable
  19. trait RefreshTokenManager[T] extends AnyRef
  20. trait RefreshTokenStorage[T] extends AnyRef
  21. class Refreshable[T] extends SessionContinuity[T]
  22. trait RefreshableSessionDirectives extends AnyRef
  23. case class SessionConfig(serverSecret: String, jws: JwsConfig, jwt: JwtConfig, sessionCookieConfig: CookieConfig, sessionHeaderConfig: HeaderConfig, sessionMaxAgeSeconds: Option[Long], sessionEncryptData: Boolean, csrfCookieConfig: CookieConfig, csrfSubmittedName: String, refreshTokenCookieConfig: CookieConfig, refreshTokenHeaderConfig: HeaderConfig, refreshTokenMaxAgeSeconds: Long, removeUsedRefreshTokenAfter: Long, tokenMigrationV0_5_2Enabled: Boolean, tokenMigrationV0_5_3Enabled: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  24. sealed trait SessionContinuity[T] extends AnyRef
  25. trait SessionDirectives extends OneOffSessionDirectives with RefreshableSessionDirectives

    Manages cookie-based sessions with optional refresh tokens.

    Manages cookie-based sessions with optional refresh tokens. A refresh token is written to a separate cookie.

  26. trait SessionEncoder[T] extends AnyRef
  27. class SessionManager[T] extends AnyRef
  28. sealed trait SessionResult[+T] extends AnyRef
  29. trait SessionSerializer[T, R] extends AnyRef
  30. sealed trait SetSessionTransport extends GetSessionTransport
  31. class SingleValueSessionSerializer[T, V] extends SessionSerializer[T, String]

Value Members

  1. object CookieOrHeaderST extends GetSessionTransport with Product with Serializable
  2. object CookieST extends SetSessionTransport with Product with Serializable
  3. object Crypto
  4. object CsrfDirectives extends CsrfDirectives
  5. object CsrfOptions
  6. object HeaderST extends SetSessionTransport with Product with Serializable
  7. object JwsAlgorithm
  8. object SessionConfig extends Serializable
  9. object SessionDirectives extends SessionDirectives
  10. object SessionEncoder
  11. object SessionOptions
  12. object SessionResult
  13. object SessionSerializer
  14. object SessionUtil