Class DualScenarioTest<GIVEN_WHEN,​THEN>

  • Type Parameters:
    GIVEN_WHEN - the combined GIVEN and WHEN stage
    THEN - the THEN stage

    public class DualScenarioTest<GIVEN_WHEN,​THEN>
    extends com.tngtech.jgiven.base.DualScenarioTestBase<GIVEN_WHEN,​THEN>
    Convenience test base class for writing JGiven scenarios with JUnit 5. If you only have one stage class you can also use the SimpleScenarioTest class. If you don't want to inherit from any class you can just use the JGivenExtension directly.
    See Also:
    JGivenExtension, SimpleScenarioTest
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      com.tngtech.jgiven.impl.Scenario<GIVEN_WHEN,​GIVEN_WHEN,​THEN> getScenario()  
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      • DualScenarioTest

        public DualScenarioTest()