Interface TargetSelector<T>

  • public interface TargetSelector<T>
    Allows adding extra targets that the federation searcher should federate to. For each federation search call, the federation searcher will call targetSelector.getTargets. Then, for each target, it will: 1) call modifyTargetQuery(target, query) 2) call modifyTargetResult(target, result)
    Tony Vaagenes
    • Method Detail

      • getTargets

        java.util.Collection<FederationTarget<T>> getTargets​(Query query,
                                                   <Searcher> searcherChainRegistry)
      • modifyTargetQuery

        void modifyTargetQuery​(FederationTarget<T> target,
                               Query query)
        For modifying the query before sending it to a the target
      • modifyTargetResult

        void modifyTargetResult​(FederationTarget<T> target,
                                Result result)
        For modifying the result produced by the target.