Class DebugWaitFunction

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    public class DebugWaitFunction
    extends FunctionNode
    This class represents debug_wait function in a GroupingExpression. For each hit evaluated, it waits for the time specified as the second argument. The third argument specifies if the wait should be a busy-wait or not. The first argument is then evaluated.
    Ulf Lilleengen
    • Constructor Detail

      • DebugWaitFunction

        public DebugWaitFunction​(GroupingExpression arg1,
                                 DoubleValue arg2,
                                 BooleanValue arg3)
        Constructs a new instance of this class.
        arg1 - The first compulsory argument, the expression to proxy.
        arg2 - The second compulsory argument, must evaluate to a positive number.
        arg3 - The third compulsory argument, specifying busy wait or not.
    • Method Detail

      • getWaitTime

        public double getWaitTime()
        Returns the time to wait when evaluating this function.
        the number of seconds to wait.
      • getBusyWait

        public boolean getBusyWait()
        Returns whether or not the debug node should busy-wait.
        true if busy-wait, false if not.