package frontroute

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  1. frontroute
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Type Members

  1. trait ConjunctionMagnet[L] extends AnyRef
  2. class Directive[L] extends AnyRef
  3. type Directive0 = Directive[Unit]
  4. trait DirectiveApplyConverters extends ApplyConverters[Route]
  5. trait Directives extends DirectiveApplyConverters
  6. abstract class PathMatcher[T] extends AnyRef
  7. type PathMatcher0 = PathMatcher[Unit]
  8. trait PathMatchers extends AnyRef
  9. type Route = (RouteLocation, RoutingState, RoutingState) ⇒ EventStream[RouteResult]
  10. final case class RouteLocation(hostname: String, port: String, protocol: String, host: String, origin: Option[String], unmatchedPath: List[String], params: Map[String, Seq[String]], state: Option[HistoryState]) extends Product with Serializable
  11. trait RouteLocationProvider extends AnyRef
  12. sealed trait RouteResult extends Product with Serializable
  13. final case class ScrollPosition(scrollX: Option[Int], scrollY: Option[Int]) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. def runRoute(route: Route, locationProvider: RouteLocationProvider)(implicit owner: Owner): Subscription
  2. object BrowserNavigation
  3. object ConjunctionMagnet
  4. object Directive
  5. object LinkHandler
  6. object PathMatcher
  7. object RouteResult extends Serializable
  8. object directives extends Directives with PathMatchers

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