Class AbstractCardPanel

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractCardPanel

        protected AbstractCardPanel​(CardLayout layout)
        Layout constructor.
        layout - The layout definition for the container.
        java.lang.NullPointerException - if the given layout is null.
    • Method Detail

      • isBookmarkEnabled

        public boolean isBookmarkEnabled()
        Whether the component has bookmarks enabled.
      • setBookmarkEnabled

        public void setBookmarkEnabled​(boolean newBookmarkEnabled)
        Sets whether the component is has bookmarks enabled. This is a bound property of type Boolean.
        newBookmarkEnabled - true if the component should support bookmarking, else false.
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      • updateBookmark

        protected void updateBookmark()
        Updates the bookmark if bookmarks are enabled.
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      • navigated

        public void navigated​(NavigationEvent navigationEvent)
        Called when navigation occurs.

        This implementation changes the card based upon the bookmark if bookmarks are enabled for this component. A bookmarked component is not selected if its constraints indicate disabled and/or not displayed.

        Specified by:
        navigated in interface NavigationListener
        navigationEvent - The event indicating navigation details.
      • getComponent

        protected Component getComponent​(Bookmark bookmark)
        Determines the component for navigation based upon the given bookmark. A bookmark parameter with a value of the empty string is considered to indicate the null value. Child components may override this method to select a different bookmark based upon whether components are enabled, for example.
        bookmark - The bookmark for which a component should be returned, or null if no bookmark is available.
        The child component indicated by the given bookmark parameter value, or null if the given bookmark represents the null component value.