Interface DepictedObject

    • Method Detail

      • getSession

        GuiseSession getSession()
        The Guise session that owns this object.
      • getDepictID

        long getDepictID()
        The object depiction identifier.
      • exportTransfer

        Transferable<?> exportTransfer()
        Exports data from the depicted object. Each export strategy, from last to first added, will be asked to export data, until one is successful.
        The object to be transferred, or null if no data can be transferred.
      • processEvent

        void processEvent​(PlatformEvent event)
        Processes an event from the platform. This method delegates to the currently installed depictor.
        event - The event to be processed.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the given event is a relevant DepictEvent with a source of a different depicted object.
        See Also:
        getDepictor(), Depictor.processEvent(PlatformEvent)
      • depict

        void depict()
        Updates the depiction of the object. The depiction will be marked as updated. This method delegates to the currently installed depictor.
        Throws: - if there is an error updating the depiction.
        See Also:
        getDepictor(), Depictor.depict()