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asType() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel
asTypeVar() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel


ClassModel - Class in javaslang.match.model
Representation of a class.
ClassModel(Elements, DeclaredType) - Constructor for class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel


equals(Object) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
equals(Object) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
equals(Object) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ParameterModel
equals(Object) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel


generate(String, ClassModel) - Static method in class javaslang.match.generator.Generator
Generator - Class in javaslang.match.generator
Code generator for structural pattern matching patterns.
getClassName() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
getExecutableElement() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
getFullQualifiedName() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
getMethods() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
getName() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
getPackageName() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
getParameter(int) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
getReturnType() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
getSupportedAnnotationTypes() - Method in class javaslang.match.PatternsProcessor
getSupportedSourceVersion() - Method in class javaslang.match.PatternsProcessor
getType() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ParameterModel
getTypeParameters() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
getTypeParameters() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel


hasDefaultPackage() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
hashCode() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
hashCode() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
hashCode() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ParameterModel
hashCode() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel


isAnnotatedWith(Class<A>) - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
isType() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel
isTypeVar() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel


javaslang.match - package javaslang.match
javaslang.match.annotation - package javaslang.match.annotation
javaslang.match.generator - package javaslang.match.generator
javaslang.match.model - package javaslang.match.model


MethodModel - Class in javaslang.match.model
Representation of a method.
MethodModel(Elements, ExecutableElement) - Constructor for class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel


of(Elements, TypeElement) - Static method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel


ParameterModel - Class in javaslang.match.model
Representation of a method parameter.
ParameterModel(Elements, VariableElement) - Constructor for class javaslang.match.model.ParameterModel
Patterns - Annotation Type in javaslang.match.annotation
Structural pattern matching annotation for pattern declarations.
PatternsProcessor - Class in javaslang.match
A code generator for Javaslang structural pattern matching patterns.
PatternsProcessor() - Constructor for class javaslang.match.PatternsProcessor
process(Set<? extends TypeElement>, RoundEnvironment) - Method in class javaslang.match.PatternsProcessor
Gathers annotated elements, transforms elements to a generator model and generates the model to code.


toString() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
toString() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.MethodModel
toString() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ParameterModel
toString() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel
typeElement() - Method in class javaslang.match.model.ClassModel
TypeParameterModel - Class in javaslang.match.model
Representation of a generic type parameter.
TypeParameterModel(Elements, TypeMirror) - Constructor for class javaslang.match.model.TypeParameterModel


Unapply - Annotation Type in javaslang.match.annotation
Structural pattern matching annotation for unapply methods.
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