Interface Summary
MySequenceFile.Sorter.RawKeyValueIterator The interface to iterate over raw keys/values of SequenceFiles.
MySequenceFile.ValueBytes The interface to 'raw' values of SequenceFiles.

Class Summary
MyMapFile Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by RFile
MyMapFile.Reader Provide access to an existing map.
MyMapFile.Writer Writes a new map.
MySequenceFile Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by RFile
MySequenceFile.Metadata The class encapsulating with the metadata of a file.
MySequenceFile.Reader Reads key/value pairs from a sequence-format file.
MySequenceFile.Sorter Sorts key/value pairs in a sequence-format file.
MySequenceFile.Writer Write key/value pairs to a sequence-format file.

Enum Summary
MySequenceFile.CompressionType The compression type used to compress key/value pairs in the MySequenceFile.

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