Class CountingIterator

  extended by org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.WrappingIterator
      extended by org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.system.CountingIterator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CountingIterator
extends WrappingIterator

Constructor Summary
CountingIterator(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> source)
Method Summary
 CountingIterator deepCopy(IteratorEnvironment env)
          Creates a deep copy of this iterator as though seek had not yet been called.
 long getCount()
 void init(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> source, Map<String,String> options, IteratorEnvironment env)
          Initializes the iterator.
 void next()
          Advances to the next K,V pair.
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Constructor Detail


public CountingIterator(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> source)
Method Detail


public CountingIterator deepCopy(IteratorEnvironment env)
Description copied from interface: SortedKeyValueIterator
Creates a deep copy of this iterator as though seek had not yet been called. init should be called on an iterator before deepCopy is called. init should not need to be called on the copy that is returned by deepCopy; that is, when necessary init should be called in the deepCopy method on the iterator it returns. The behavior is unspecified if init is called after deepCopy either on the original or the copy.

Specified by:
deepCopy in interface SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value>
deepCopy in class WrappingIterator
env - IteratorEnvironment environment in which iterator is being run.
SortedKeyValueIterator a copy of this iterator (with the same source and settings).


public void init(SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value> source,
                 Map<String,String> options,
                 IteratorEnvironment env)
Description copied from interface: SortedKeyValueIterator
Initializes the iterator. Data should not be read from the source in this method.

Specified by:
init in interface SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value>
init in class WrappingIterator
source - SortedKeyValueIterator source to read data from.
options - Map map of string option names to option values.
env - IteratorEnvironment environment in which iterator is being run.


public void next()
          throws IOException
Description copied from interface: SortedKeyValueIterator
Advances to the next K,V pair. Note that in minor compaction scope and in non-full major compaction scopes the iterator may see deletion entries. These entries should be preserved by all iterators except ones that are strictly scan-time iterators that will never be configured for the minc or majc scopes. Deletion entries are only removed during full major compactions.

Specified by:
next in interface SortedKeyValueIterator<Key,Value>
next in class WrappingIterator
IOException - if an I/O error occurs.


public long getCount()

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