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Packages that use Merge.Size

Uses of Merge.Size in org.apache.accumulo.core.util

Methods in org.apache.accumulo.core.util that return types with arguments of type Merge.Size
protected  Iterator<Merge.Size> Merge.getSizeIterator(Connector conn, String tablename, start, end)

Method parameters in org.apache.accumulo.core.util with type arguments of type Merge.Size
protected  void Merge.merge(Connector conn, String table, List<Merge.Size> sizes, int numToMerge)
protected  long Merge.mergeMany(Connector conn, String table, List<Merge.Size> sizes, long goalSize, boolean force, boolean last)
protected  void Merge.mergeSome(Connector conn, String table, List<Merge.Size> sizes, int numToMerge)

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