This package provides Avro serialization in Hadoop.


Interface Summary
AvroReflectSerializable Tag interface for Avro 'reflect' serializable classes.

Class Summary
AvroReflectSerialization Serialization for Avro Reflect classes.
AvroSerialization<T> Base class for providing serialization to Avro types.
AvroSpecificSerialization Serialization for Avro Specific classes.

Package Description

This package provides Avro serialization in Hadoop. This can be used to serialize/deserialize Avro types in Hadoop.

Use AvroSpecificSerialization for serialization of classes generated by Avro's 'specific' compiler.

Use AvroReflectSerialization for other classes. AvroReflectSerialization work for any class which is either in the package list configured via AvroReflectSerialization.AVRO_REFLECT_PACKAGES or implement AvroReflectSerializable interface.

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