Package org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.internals

Class Summary
BufferPool A pool of ByteBuffers kept under a given memory limit.
FutureRecordMetadata The future result of a record send
Metadata A class encapsulating some of the logic around metadata.
Partitioner The default partitioning strategy: If a partition is specified in the record, use it If no partition is specified but a key is present choose a partition based on a hash of the key If no partition or key is present choose a partition in a round-robin fashion
ProduceRequestResult A class that models the future completion of a produce request for a single partition.
RecordAccumulator This class acts as a queue that accumulates records into MemoryRecords instances to be sent to the server.
RecordBatch A batch of records that is or will be sent.
Sender The background thread that handles the sending of produce requests to the Kafka cluster.