Package org.apache.kafka.common.metrics

Interface Summary
CompoundStat A compound stat is a stat where a single measurement and associated data structure feeds many metrics.
Measurable A measurable quantity that can be registered as a metric
MeasurableStat A MeasurableStat is a Stat that is also Measurable (i.e.
MetricsReporter A plugin interface to allow things to listen as new metrics are created so they can be reported.
Stat A Stat is a quanity such as average, max, etc that is computed off the stream of updates to a sensor

Class Summary
JmxReporter Register metrics in JMX as dynamic mbeans based on the metric names
MetricConfig Configuration values for metrics
Metrics A registry of sensors and metrics.
Quota An upper or lower bound for metrics
Sensor A sensor applies a continuous sequence of numerical values to a set of associated metrics.

Exception Summary
QuotaViolationException Thrown when a sensor records a value that causes a metric to go outside the bounds configured as its quota