package diffson

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  1. diffson
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Package Members

  1. package jsonmergepatch
  2. package jsonpatch
  3. package jsonpointer
  4. package lcs

Type Members

  1. trait Diff[Json, P] extends AnyRef
  2. implicit final class DiffOps[Json] extends AnyVal
  3. trait Jsony[Json] extends Eq[Json] with Show[Json]

    Type-class that describes what is needed for an object to be able to be diffed as a json like object.

  4. trait Patch[F[_], Json, P] extends AnyRef
  5. case class PatchException(msg: String) extends Exception with Product with Serializable
  6. implicit final class PatchOps[P] extends AnyVal
  7. class PointerException extends Exception

Value Members

  1. def diff[Json, P](json1: Json, json2: Json)(implicit Diff: Diff[Json, P]): P
  2. object JsArray
  3. object JsObject

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